Marijuana Prohibition

Marijuana prohibition laws are a perfect example of unnatural and criminal reactions to a natural plant or plant byproduct by law enforcement entities and various media types across the U.S. Some criminal reactions by police includes: confiscation of personal property such as homes, cars, boats, money, jewelry, art, land, etc. and often includes the outlawing, demolition and closing of businesses with no compensation to the owners. There have also been many written and televised reports of men, women, children, innocent bystanders and animals, etc. being killed or injured because of this drug war.

In a perfect or just world, any and all punishments would fit the crime (really, in a perfect world there would be no crime). You should not have to spend time in jail for jay walking or spitting on the sidewalk, as the definition(s) and descriptions of crime has been re-defined and greatly broadened by the powers that be through the use of illegal money grubbing debtor courts that now saturate the United States.

To right thinking people, the consumption and use of natural plants should not be a crime. How is a marijuana user committing a crime here?,(I mean a real crime) especially if they are using the plant as a food or medicine. These people are not causing harm to anyone. The criminal justice system either lies or implies that they are causing harm to themselves and society, as if getting wasted by drinking alcohol and eating bleached white processed sugar is not causing as much if not more harm.

As you can see, drug prohibition has nothing to do with safety. This is all about gaining control of a product or market so that certain industries and corporations can began to profit or continue to make profits.

While many are fighting for the legalization of marijuana, what if corporations, international corporations and governments decides to criminalize other plants such as broccoli, lettuce, turnip greens or spinach? Before you say this is crazy or far fetched thinking, you should know that CODEX Alimentarious, supposedly established in 1963 as an arm of the World Health Organization, are somehow in charge of "developing harmonised international food standards" (that is not an exact quote by the way) .

So CODEX Alimentarious has supposedly been given the authority to ban or make certain vitamins and herbs illegal. As of today, some of the banned herbs are as follows: stemona, glory lily, ringworm bush, Chinese cerlery, chilli, bitter bush, ginger, tumeric, African Marigold, etc. None of these herbs gets nearly as much attention as marijuana, probably because they do not bring in as much money on the black market and they are not that much in demand when compared to cannabis.

Hopefully you can see that there really is not a "war on marijuana" , "war on drugs", "war on crime", "war on poverty","war on illiteracy", etc. because these inanimate targets cannot fight back. More than likely, this is about gaining control of the people of the world by gaining control of all the food and medicine (which should be considered one and the same). If the governments, any single entity or group of entities can control all the food then they can control the entire population of the earth. (see terminator seeds and GMO'S by Monsanto).

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