Massage Oils For Your Baby

Yes, milk, diapers and Johnson Baby soap are some of the most important things your baby needs. A baby massage oil is equally important. Let a regular massage with a good baby massage oil be one of your priorities in your baby's first eight months. Set apart some time for you and your baby for a relaxed and playful session of massage and bonding. Choose an oil with a fragrance that is pleasant and not too strong. The following are some of the ways in which massaging your baby with a good massage oil benefits your baby and you.

Massage Helps In Bonding
The sudden expectations and efforts of motherhood may often leave you tired. You may not be able to bond with your baby instantly due to the challenges of a long birth or difficult labour. The sudden challenges of motherhood may have left you tired and this may come in the way of bonding with your baby. Don't worry. These feelings are only normal for a mother to go through. Bonding is sure to happen with time. Cuddling, talking, smiling and answering cries are some of the things that increase bonding with your baby. However, there is no better way to bond with your baby than an hour of massage with a good baby massage oil everyday. Massaging your baby also leaves you more empowered to do all that you can for your baby.

Massage Lets You And Your Baby Relax
Yes, babies cry, babies fuss, and babies refuse to sleep when they have to. This can, at times be difficult for a mother as well as the baby. A good massage every day is a great solution to this. A massage keeps your baby calm and relaxed. Your baby is going to get a good sleep which in turn lets you enjoy a good sleep at night after a long day of cleaning and feeding.

Massage Makes Your Baby Alert
A good oil massage refreshes your baby and makes him alert to the things around him. The result of this is an active and playful baby who is going to laugh, smile and make a lot of cute sounds. The result of this is better bonding between your baby and you. However, you need to ensure that you massage your baby at the right time, in order to achieve this result. Avoid massaging your baby right before putting him to sleep at night. A sleepy baby is an irritable baby who will not be able to enjoy the massage you give him.

Baby Massage Oil Online
Ensure that you choose an oil that suits the type of skin that your baby has. If your baby has sensitive skin, you can have a look at the different baby massage oils from Mantra and Chicco. If your baby has oily skin you can use the baby massage oils from West Coast Sofoil or Aroma Magic. If your baby has dry skin, you browse through the different baby massage oils from Allenayur. Go online and have a look at the different baby massage oils available before you choose a massage oil that you find convenient for your baby.

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