Media Transport And Storage Cases - Knowing The Available Options

Data is a very critical part of any business as it allows day to day activities to take place. A business can suffer a great loss of revenue if it were to lose critical information. That is why backing up data is a must for anyone who has important information. In the event the data gets lost, it can quickly be recovered and business can go on as usual.

There are various types of media which are used to store data and with advancement in technology smaller media are carrying large amounts of data. There are storage media which are portable where you can store your data and transport it to an offsite location. It is therefore necessary to invest in media transport and storage cases which are designed to ensure that your storage media are transported safely to the required location.

Turtle Case

One of the most trusted and efficient media transport and storage cases is the turtle case. This is a case which protects storage media when they are moved from one location to another. The case is made with an outer cover that has a double wall. This will ensure that in case any weight is placed on the case, this weight will not be transferred to the media thus distorting it. If the case gets bumped around during transportation, it will absorb the impact so that the media remains safe.

This case also protects the media from excess temperature, humidity, particles from the air and even unwanted magnetic fields. The case is made from polyethylene material which is of high density and this material is very durable but light in weight.

Tape Racks

The tape racks are part of the media transport and storage cases and they are made from molded plastic which can take in high amounts of impact. These racks are suitable for use either in the office or at home. Tape racks can be mounted on the wall in a vertical or horizontal way depending on your preference. They can also be used as standalone racks.

Tape Storage Case

The tape storage case is an option when you are looking for media transport and storage cases. Tape cases are used when the original storage case of the tape is broken or damaged. These cases come when empty and they are normally able to fit cleaning cartridges and LTO tapes from all the generations.

Tape Trays

The tape trays hold tapes securely in their protective cases. There are also trays which hold the tapes when they are not in their individual protective cases. These trays protect the tapes from any impact or dirt particles which can damage the storage media. The trays are clean and absorb impact from the outside thus protecting the media from damage.

Pelican Case

The pelican case is one of the options if you need media transport and storage cases. This is a case that does not crush, does not accumulate any dust and is water tight. It has double throw latches which are easy to open and two hasps where you can use a padlock. The case has a valve which automatically equalizes pressure and it has a large handle that has a rubber covering so that you can comfortably carry the case.

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