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Ensuring the safety of your data should be a priority given that recreating lost data can sometimes be impossible. It is important to backup your data so that you can recreate it in case there is a loss. There are many things that can make you to lose your data including viruses which can corrupt important files making them inaccessible. You may also experience a system failure or someone may erroneously delete data.

There are also cases where a fire or a flood can destroy your computers thus damaging all the information in them. There are various storage media which can help you in backing up your data. You can then store the media in an offsite location for safety. You therefore need to put your storage media in a safe and secure media transport case to ensure that the media reach their destination while still intact.

Turtle Case

The turtle case is a media transport case that is designed to ensure that the storage media are protected from any damage during transportation from one location to another. The name turtle is used because the outer covering of the case is very hard. This covering has a double wall which absorbs any impact from outside, ensuring that the tapes do not get damaged.

The cover also ensures that if there is any weight placed on the case, the pressure will not get to the tapes as this can deform them causing loss of data. The case protects the tapes from extreme heat, humidity and ensures that no condensation takes place. The case is made from a high density material which has a light weight but is very durable. The inside of the case is sealed to ensure that water and dirt cannot seep through to destroy the tapes.

Pelican Case

Another media transport case is the pelican case which is sealed on the inside and is therefore watertight. The case is dustproof ensuring that the tapes do not get into contact with any airborne contaminants. This case has a hard outer covering and does not crush under external pressure.

Pelican cases can be customized to hold the specific storage media that you want to transport. The case is made from copolymer which is a strong material that can absorb high impact and it is very durable. It has double throw latches which are easy to open and two hasps where you can put a padlock. It also has a waterproof polymer o-ring seal and the wall of the case is strong but light in weight. The cases come with a valve which automatically equalizes pressure and the handle is large and covered in rubber making it comfortable to carry the case.

Xpresspax Cases

The Xpresspax case has been designed as a media transport case to protect your storage media by absorbing high impact and ensuring that the tapes are cushioned from shock. The case is made from customized resin that can absorb high impact from drops and being bumped around. The material is not only strong but is also durable. The Xpresspax case protects the tapes from harsh weather elements like excess heat and humidity and it has trays which perfectly fit the media which you are transporting, ensuring the media remains securely in place.

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