Mediation: A Guide for Businesses and Business People

Business people - that is, the professionals engaged in the running and management of a business - have a different perspective on the world than most other people. Due to their training and the natural inclination of their personalities, they tend to see everything in terms of profits and loss, investment and return. That's not to say they lack humanity - but they simply see the world in more practical ways than most other people, and approach every decision with a more meticulous and data-based process.

It's no surprise, then, that mediation is a popular vector for dispute resolution among business people. Mediation has many practical advantages over the alternatives:

• It's cheaper and less formal than both arbitration and litigation. • It doesn't preclude further options like a lawsuit. • It's often faster than the alternatives.

Mediation has several specific features. Here is a short guide to the mediation process for business people.

Mediation Described

Mediation can be used to settle any civil dispute as long as both parties agree to it. It is less formal than arbitration, where a designated neutral or neutrals hear evidence and render a decision much like a judge in court (and which in turn is less formal than litigation). Mediation requires the voluntary participation of both parties - it cannot be compelled, so it must be a mutual decision.

In the mediation process, the mediator acts as a guide and facilitator. They usually meet first individually with each disputant to hear their case and ask questions, then bring both parties together to begin the discussion. The mediator will work to guide the conversation to fruitful and productive channels, but they do not have any authority to issue orders or render any sort of "award" or decision. Mediation can only be successfully resolved by the full agreement of both parties.

The Business Advantage

For businesses and business people, the advantages of mediation are:

• Control - If the process seems to be going against you, you can terminate it and consider other avenues.

• Costs - The low cost of mediation allows for resolution of problems without impacting the bottom line.

• Speed - Almost all mediations end in a settlement, and the process can take just a few days, allowing everyone to get back to work.

For all of these reasons, mediation is often the best option for businesses and business people. Fast, affordable, and effective - it fits the needs of business perfectly.

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