Medical Marijuana: Morals and Accessibility

The right to grow, distribute and utilize marijuana has been unfortunately hijacked by moralists in recent years, creating an intense sense of shame and foreboding about using the drug. Even for people who would be taking marijuana in a pill form in order to ease chronic pain, the legalization of marijuana remains a problem. Social media has created many different kinds of spaces, including open forums, that are suited to opening up discourse on the issue. With so many people sharing the passion to legalize drug use for recreational purposes, as well as medicinal ones, it is only a matter of time before the online discussion format plays an integral part in the alteration of current legislation regarding marijuana.

Real time commentary and social discussion regarding the legalization of medical marijuana has persisted throughout the news coverage of recent Colorado legislation. Various media outlets have portrayed the situation with humor and slight judgment, but some even celebrated it, heralding the end of the war on drugs with the steps Colorado has taken in order to begin legalizing the growth, use and sale of marijuana. There are different requirements that must be met, however, depending on whether you are growing for recreational or medical use. Medical marijuana has always been a less taboo topic than recreational pot.

The creativity used in attempts to figure out how to solve on the failing War on Drugs has been admirable, but none of them have presented the kind of results that Colorado's legislation has. We can look beyond the borders of the United States of America to other countries and cities, like Amsterdam, in order to see what following this kind of legislation to its full extent would look like. The correlation between less crime and legal drug use is pretty clear, as well as the connection between chronic illness and pain relief.

What is important to keep in mind when discussing medical marijuana in relationship to the morally driven War on Drugs and recreational use of these substances is people. There is a human element to all of this that gets lost when you are focusing your social discussion on laws and regulations. Medical marijuana is way more clear cut - if an individual is in the amount of pain that would warrant a prescription, they should be able to have access to it, regardless of whether moralists and legalists - who are not doctors - think they should not because of the archaic belief that some substances should be off limits, while others are permitted. The war on medical marijuana looks like it's finally winding down and coming to an end, and social media is going to be at the forefront of each and every new development.

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