Mercedes-Benz E Class Radio Installation Instructions

Mercedes Benz proprietors who desire to change their factory stereo models will first have to eliminate the inventory head models from their automobiles' stereo mounting piers. The Mercedes dash dock comes in two different layouts. The approach to removing the initial stereo differs for every one of these. One layout uses extraction resources (two slender keys that slide in to openings on both sides of the stereo). They're used to pull the stereo in the dashboard, following the keys are wholly seated within the head-unit. The 2nd fashion of dash dock is more challenging to remove, however a car audio beginner may do it in under an hour or so.

Utilize a wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable in the battery terminal, to prevent shorting the electric system throughout the install. Proceed to the interior of the car.

Open the ash tray. Take away both screws in the ashtray compartment having a phillips-head screwdriver. Slide the complete ashtray assembly in the vehicle's dash. The ash tray will likely be linked to the cigarette lighter by electric wiring. Let it hang from the wiring.

Pry the panel in the dash (above and under the stereo) having a trimming panel removing tool. Envelop a thin material round the device's blade to safeguard the trimming panel finish. Take away both panels and set them apart. Take away both screws over the stereo unit as well as the two screws under the unit using a screwdriver. Slide the stereo from your dash.

Disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable in the rear of the stereo device. Slide the after market stereo face plate adapter to the stereo dock. Join the stereo wiring connectors to the wiring harness adapter. Plug the wiring harness adapter prospects to the wall socket in the rear of the after market stereo. Fit the antenna cable direct into the AM/FM antenna input signal to the rear of the brand new stereo deck.

Slide the after market setup collar to the empty stereo dock. Feed the stereo wiring (now linked to the wiring harness adapter) and antenna cable through the collar. Fold the tabs within the collar out using a flat head screwdriver to fix it inside the Mercedes stereo dock.

Plug the wiring harness adapter prospects to the affiliated wall socket to the rear of the brand new stereo. Fit the antenna cable direct to the FM antenna wall socket in the rear of the brand new stereo. Slide the stereo to the setup collar till it locks in to position.

Replace the panels above and under the stereo dock. Press from the panels to fix them to the dash. Slide the ash tray to the slot in the bottom of the dash. Replace both screws beside the ash tray and shut it. Return to the Mercedes' battery.

Set the negative battery cable clamp straight back on the battery final. Tighten the bolt-on the clamp having a wrench. Shut the hood.

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