Metal Braces - Acquire A Beautiful Smile Affordably

There are many options available to have your teeth straightened if you have crooked teeth. This means you no longer need to walk around with a long face because you cannot smile with confidence. One of the most common methods of having your teeth straightened is using metal braces. They are not only affordable, but will give you excellent results once your treatment is completed.

Treatable conditions

Metal braces are able to address several conditions including teeth that are crooked and crowded, problems with the jaw, and a bite that is not properly aligned. You can also use braces if you struggle to speak or eat well, or if cleaning your teeth is a challenge.

How braces work

Metal braces are made from metal brackets that are fixed to your teeth and a wire is then used to connect the brackets. The braces are tightened from time to time by your dentist to apply pressure on the teeth. This pressure is meant to move the teeth to the correct position and align your jaw properly.

Damon braces

There is a new type of metal braces known as the Damon braces. These braces do not need metal or elastic ties to hold the wires. The braces use a slide technology on every bracket and this technology puts less stress on your teeth. The reduced stress enables your teeth to move much more easily which makes them slide to their required position faster than the traditional braces.

Traditional braces normally use small elastic rubber bands which hold the arch wires to the brackets. With the Damon braces, however, clips are used instead of the rubber bands and this means that the adjustments that the dentist has to perform on the braces are reduced. The clips also reduce the force that is applied on the teeth, and this enables them to move with ease to the required position.

First appointment

If you need treatment for crooked teeth or a bite that is not aligned properly, then you need to make an appointment with your orthodontist or dentist. The doctor will need to perform a clinical test on you, and will take your teeth's impressions. He may also need to take pictures of your teeth and face, as well as x-rays of your mouth and head. The doctor can then use this information to prepare a treatment plan for you.

Length of treatment

Once you have your metal braces on, there are several factors that will determine how long you will have to wear them. The duration of your treatment will depend on how severe your condition is, how far the teeth have to move and the amount of space that is available in your mouth. The health of your gums, teeth and bones also play a role in determining how long the braces will remain in place. Generally, however, you can expect to have your braces on for between one to three years.

Follow up appointments

Your orthodontist may require you to come in for appointments every month. During these appointments, he will adjust the rubber bands, springs or wires of your braces. This is done to increase the pressure on your teeth and guide them to the required position.

Metal braces provide a suitable solution to crooked teeth. Gullotta Orthodontics is a household brand name when it comes to dental care. To get more detailed information on teeth straightening using metal braces, please look at this website.

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