Michael Jackson Xscape and Saturn Occult Symbolism

Michael Jackson's posthumous album "Xscape" released earlier this year has some very interesting hidden occult symbolism. Before I go into this first let me give you some background. Reading like a detective mystery story there were indeed some questionable strange circumstances running up to the said king of pop's death in late June 2009.

At this time, questions came up wondering if he would be able to go ahead with the planned O2 tour and its gruelling 50 concert agenda (he thought it was 10): His ill health; lung condition, anorexia and chronic insomnia... besides alleged financial difficulties were impossible to keep secret while it was duly noted that he made the comments "I'm better off dead. I'm done." This was just weeks before he died.

Following his death, Latoya Jackson, his sister, claimed that Michael was murdered. However, it has never been clearly established whether or not she was speaking literally or metaphorically; that the music industry had 'killed' him through exploitation, giving him grief and unimaginable pressure, press stalking.... Some say that Latoya knew something we didn't. Not all the evidence surrounding his said death has been revealed and I doubt if it ever will be.

The official line was that Dr Conrad Murray was found guilty of negligent manslaughter through giving Michael a fatal overdose of anaesthetic that was used to put him to sleep and treat his insomnia. Was the doctor put up to this? Was it a 'convenient death?' If Michael had lived there would have been almost certainly no O2 concerts due to his illness: His death has meant millions for the Jackson estate and billions for the music industry through posthumous album releases...

This leads me into 'Xscape', Michael's second posthumous album released in May this year. In the autobiographical title track is he trying to tell us something? Does he tell us in the lyrics that he has escaped; was his death faked and he's still alive, hidden away somewhere..?

The idea may seem crazy, but some claim that he's still alive based on:

1 .It was said that Michael' face could not be identified by the paramedics, and also later during the autopsy. The coroner said the dead body thought to be Michael looked like a stage 4 cancer patient and had an ice-cold body... with a different face profile, while photos surrounding his death were claimed fakes.

2. Right after Michael's death his children visited him many times saying they had hugged and kissed him. This was highly unlikely; no legitimate coroner would allow this.

3. Right after death his immediate family apparently showed no emotions (they did later). Was this because they knew his death was a hoax?

4. There was no open-casket memorial service, so he could not be recognised. The public saw an open coffin photo of him but it has been suggested that it was photo-shopped. It has been shown that this was produced using late soul singer James Brown's coffin while Michael's head was pasted in from a previous photo. Comparing the 2 photos of Jackson and Brown, the coffins, clothes worn and flowers surrounding are identical!

5. It has been sad that Michael's brother Jermaine made a slip of the tongue during an interview indicating that Michael had been secretly flow out of the USA.

6. Those who say his death was a fake believe that it was done to avoid serious death threats from people in high places...

-While other points have been made, I certainly don't know the answers to all this. I will leave the reader to make his/her own conclusions. Sure, truth can be stranger than fiction. Having said that, will we ever know what really went on?

The people referred to in point 6 are the world's hidden controllers who run and oversee the music industry. I've been writing about them for some time. It was believed that Michael was soon to embark on a number of public talks exposing them and revealing the nature of their dark agenda. It has also been said that they had the upper hand in setting out to destroy Michael. So his untimely exit (death or fake?) would be convenient...

Going back to the album Xscape, it has a number of hidden occult symbols. Remember, the hidden controllers are seriously into the occult. The major corporations they own and control: weapons, oils, gold, drugs, and the banks... the entertainments industry... reflect this by frequently having occult symbols in their logos: Since there are only a limited number of occult symbolic logos it is too coincidental for them to keep showing up by chance in this way.

One of the occult logos, reflected in Xscape, is Saturn. One way of describing the meaning behind Saturn is that it represents the matrix of enslavement. It can be seen represented as Michael's head and the rings surrounding with his 'outer space' type clothing shown on the album cover.

Somebody commented why spell the album or song title by the way of 'Xscape?' The X represents the primary letter representing Saturn. If the upper half of this letter is overlapped with the lower then you get the 'seal of Saturn.' This is shown on the album cover where you get the letter X for the tile Xscape but also the X is shadowed creating in effect a double X linked to each other. The double X is clearly shown in a number of corporate logos like for example the oil company Exxon.

The X also symbolizes the cube, the '4 sides of Saturn...' That's why you frequently get the X symbol; X-Factor, X-Files, X-Men, Xbox... because the hidden powers that be are secretly paying homage to Saturn occult symbolism right in front of your very eyes without you ever knowing about it. Saturn (Satan) is the god of time and space...

The 'MJ' initial on the album cover is trident symbolism. This is subject for another day. I will be dealing with Saturn in more detail another time.

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