Microwave Autism-What is it?

When I first heard of the name autism, I had no idea what it meant. I thought autism was the same for all individuals who had the disorder. I started to do research, because, a close friend of mine, has a son who is autistic. This encouraged me,in becoming educated and I had a strong desire to learn more about the disorder. I felt I wanted instant answers, such as microwave meals, and instant pudding, where autism is not an instant formula that can be resolved quickly.

I have learned by knowing my friend and her son, who is now fifteen years old, and I have been with them, since he was born, that there are no formulas or microwave autism. One size-fits-all, is not what it comes to when knowing about autism. I wanted answers that were quick and easy, such as microwave food.

Every child with autism is different, every family who has an individual with autism is unique and they require different needs and schedules. Some have brothers and sisters, some have single parents, some are foster care children that are adopted out of their home and environment.

I use my microwave every day, to bake, cook, heat up foods, defrost frozen foods, open packages of food and know they will be perfect, if I read the instructions and cook the products at the correct minutes and time. I am not able to do that with autism. It is not microwave safe.

The disorder of autism, is complex, every person who has the disorder is affected by it in a different manner, but many are all the same in some areas of their disorder. We are unable to fix the disorder of autism as we can with food and beverages that goes directly to the microwave and turns out perfect and saves time. This does not apply to autism.

As I have studied and been learning about autism for the past fifteen years, I have grown to love the disorder, because it is complex and requires patience, planning, understanding, gaining knowledge with the disorder, as I learn and become more familiar with new avenues to challenge the disorder in a positive way, I have seen results, some slow some quicker than other results show.

I will never be able to package the disorder of autism and label it so it looks the same and stays the same for all of the individuals who have autism. It will not be a microwave quick fix and get quick results that turn out to be perfect.

There is hope for autism, and the families who are exposed to it. I believe we are all here for a purpose and reason, although, autism is complex as a puzzle, it is unique, and the children who have it are people who are loving, and require our unconditional love in return.

I have learned through my years of being educated on the subject of autism,there is hope. In addition, I have seen it in the son of my friend, that their is positive changes in him, and he is slowly developing into a handsome, young teenager, that is using his attributes slowly, not as food placed in a microwave for instant results.

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