Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition

Minecraft is also called a sandbox or building game like others. Since 2008, it has already proven over and over with a spark of creativity, a reliable axe, or any possibility. Its community has created sprawling cities, villages, towns, landmarks from the real life to fiction, and even imaginary worlds. All of these creative structures are built based on Minecraft colorful voxel cubes.

Since its digital release, Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition has made the successful process to catch up to the primary PC version, showing new resources, villager trading, and new dangerous enemies. While gamers are not still able to create the stained glass or ride hordes over any grassy plain, the core of what makes Minecraft as a satisfying and absorbing experience is right here - PlayStation 3 Edition even though the tightly constrained world can make you upset little.

The Same Points of Minecraft On PlayStation 3 Edition and Original PC Versions
The key objective of Minecraft games is to create different constructions and survive in an unknown world as long as possible. That is why the gamers need to mine necessary materials or tools to tackle twisting mines, cut trees down, overcome dense jungles, and build houses. They can pick up precious items or treasures by killing risky monsters. When they have yet to be into the swing of various things, it is doubtful the thought of using the mouse and keyboard to control untamed animals will ever come across your mind. Is it right?

When coming to Minecraft Creative game, you will explore its inventory where there are different crafting recipes. You freely craft any item you can put in your house. Every item is fully colored and slightly opaque. The Minecraft crafting recipes are so perfect if you go deeper to learn it. To new fans, the primary recipe is to craft a torch that light their way up during the adventure in a cave. Getting from the humble architecture to a vast fortress is the pleasure Minecraft offers to its fans.

Differences of PlayStation 3 Edition
The gameplay and optional cosmetics:
The players begin their journey as the iconic blue-jeans Steve. Besides, they can discover a dark-oak jungle as Gordon Freeman or Spiderman. Surprisingly, these options are open whether they purchase respective downloadable skin packs to create different characters.

The structure and performance:
Unlike the other versions, the space to build the blocky shacks is miniscule. Its lands are randomly generated and shuttered on 4 sides by a huge ocean. Its map rewards the fans with an invisible wall. They can rescue themselves via a wooden boat and humbly swim back to the beach. The weather can be rainy or snowy.

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