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Fusion food sounds like a science fiction term, but it happens to be one of my favorite types of cuisines. It's a more modern culinary advent, and there's no shortage of reasons to give it a shot, but I'll start at ground zero in case you are new to fusion altogether. What exactly is fusion? You might be able to guess from the name that it involves bringing together different elements to 'fuse' them into something new. Currently, Latin fusion food - or, food that is comprised of elements from Latin American and Hispanic culinary traditions - is making a name for itself as a popular genre of eating all across The United States of America. That's right - from Appleton, Wisconsin to the big cities like New York, New York and Los Angeles, California, we are seeing Latin fusion absolutely blow up the blogs, restaurant review columns, and more.

The basic philosophy of fusion is exciting in and of itself, as it creates the opportunity for innovation. It invites the culinary artist to make creative choices with their 'canvas' - the meal itself. Everything matters - from the food preparation, to the spicing, to the very last piece of presentation... which, if you've ever seen a guacamole platter with the artfully fanned out multicolored corn chips, you know is true.

There are all kinds of different ways to experience a Latin fusion meal. It's a great excuse to treat yourself, for example. Nothing says self-care and self-love like an expensive meal. That's not that fusion is notoriously pricey, but when you're not paying for more than just one person, you really can take a little bit of an extra effort to please yourself. Get the extra side dish! Get the appetizer! You only live once, right?

On the other hand, you could absolutely razzle dazzle a date with how incredible the food selection is, and the modern style and atmosphere that just doesn't compare with other kinds of dining establishments. The drink selection, which almost always includes some really excellent margaritas - this Mexican derived classic alcoholic treat is what people come to expect at Latin or Spanish restaurants, after all - makes a great place for friends to get together and catch up. That's not even mentioning how great fine family dining is at Latin fusion restaurants. If you have ever had trouble trying to orchestrate a dining out experience for all of your family members, I'm sure you recognize the unique challenges of planning a large meal in a public setting. After all, everyone has such specific tastes and dietary restrictions, which makes it difficult to figure out how to please them all. As the oldest kid, it usually falls on my shoulders to figure out how to make it work.

Latin fusion restaurants are something else. I'm glad that I discovered this excellent modern culinary trend, which will almost certainly become ingrained in the very fabric of Hispanic food culture. Don't miss out! Dine out today.

Kaelyn Kelly-Colon is an SEO content writer that has covered many topics, including Latin fusion restaurants.

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