Modular Conveyor Belt - Hi-Tech, Convenient Load Movement

Using a conveyor belt is a great way of moving loads from one point to another in an efficient way that is fast and safe. Selecting the right conveyor belt is an important aspect of ensuring that your load is handled in the most efficient way. It is important to ensure that the belt you choose is made from the appropriate material depending on the load that you will be moving. One of the many conveyor belt options available is the modular conveyor belt.

About Modular Conveyor Belt

A modular conveyor belt can be said to fall somewhere between a chain conveyor and a belt conveyor. It is made out of plastic units which are connected to each other by the use of joint rods. The belt is created to handle applications which require a wide chain, for instance plastic containers, cardboard boxes or even packaging of hygiene products. It works very well for a production line which requires the horizontal movement of loads.

The width of the belt can be higher than the actual length of the conveyor, and the modular design makes it easy to design and assemble the belt to your unique specifications. A belt which has a large width can be comfortably used without the need to subject the belts to very high tension. The modular conveyor belt uses a much simpler technology than the chain conveyor and also requires less maintenance.

Choosing A Conveyor

There are various things which you need to consider before you make a choice for a conveyor that will address your needs in the most efficient way. You need to consider the size and weight of the loads that will be moved. You also need to consider the settings of the place where the movement will take place together with the amount of power that will be required.

Characteristics Of Modular Belts

A modular belt can be drawn and put together easily according to your unique specifications due to the modular design. The wide belt allows loads to be moved and accumulated effectively in a variety of arrangements. The surface of the belt which is made of plastic allows the loads to be transported gently and safely thus ensuring that they are not damaged. The chain which is made from a pattern of fine mesh reduces the possibility of the loads getting jammed or torn.

The plastic units of the belt are connected by the use of a bricklayed, interlocked pattern which gives the belt the strength and stability it needs. The belts do not corrode and have a low amount of friction; however, a belt with high friction can be made in case you need it for an incline/ decline application.


The use of a modular conveyor belt enables you to move loads at speeds that are convenient for you. You can increase the speed of the belt during peak hours when demand is high and you can also reduce the speed during off peak hours. The movement of loads is done by a belt rather than manually which reduces the amount of injury in the plant. The belt follows a fixed, specified path which removes the possibility of a collision and hence ensures that the load is moved safely.

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