Music Therapy And Its Applications With Hip Hop Music

Music therapy studies suggest that music has a significantly positive effect on people. Some of the areas that music has a positive effect on the body include breathing, heart rate, concentration, state of mind and stress response. Studies also suggest that hip hop music therapy has benefits. In certain circumstances, with the right set of variables, hip hop music can be an effective tool in treatment.

In order to understand how hip hop music is beneficial to treatment we must first understand the effects music therapy has on the human body. The beat of a song actually has an effect on our brainwave activity. A beat with a faster tempo will cause the brain to become more alert and increases concentration. Slower tempo's will cause relaxation. The human body will actually respond by slowing down the heart rate and breathing which reduces the effects of stress. Studies also show that music can lower blood pressure and help boost the bodies immune system as well. Music also has a profound effect on creating a more positive state of mind which can help people manage their anxiety better. Another benefit is that the effects music has on the body continue to have an effect even after the music has stopped.

With an understanding about the benefits music therapy has on the body, we can begin to understand how hip hop music can be an effective tool in treatment. The growing popularity of hip hop music with the youth of today is remarkable. Hip hop therapy has been being used when working with at risk youths in a group treatment setting. The response is that of excitement to be involved in these groups. One of the factors to take note of is that the rap music used in these groups is of a positive nature. Studies have shown that the use of hip hop music in therapy is something that these at risk youths are more responsive to because they enjoy the music already to begin with. One of the aspects of this study was the interaction with each other. The youths would talk about the lyrics and the messages in the rap songs. They would also talk about how it related to their own life. In one particular study the youths involved were motivated to even start writing and sharing their own lyrics.

Rap and hip hop music might have a negative stereotype attached to it. While there is validity to the idea that negative rap has a negative effect, positive hip hop music can be an effective tool for practitioners to use when working with at risk youths. The youths in these studies have been more willing to participate in hip hop therapy groups. The popularity for the art form is continually growing. Hip hop therapy is very similar to bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy utilizes poetry and the interpretations of it. Rap and hip hop lyrics are basically poetry. When combined with the therapeutic effects music has on the body, hip hop music therapy can have a positive effect on people.

If your looking for some new hip hop music with a positive message be sure to take a look at what Blue is doing. He will be releasing his new album called The Message for June 2014. Be sure to go to Blue's official website. Wrtitten by Edward Johnson.

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