My Workout Journey: Community Importance

I never liked working out. In high school, I was always trying to get out of gym class using a variety of excuses. As I got older and I began to witness my physical and mental health deteriorate as a result of poor workout and self-care habits, I returned to physical fitness as a way to improve myself and my body. I joined a local gym and on the days I did not work out there, I walked my neighborhood. I even took up a sport - a less intensive one, but a sport nonetheless - and found myself feeling and eating better as a result. I couldn't figure out why, as a kid, I'd hated exercising so much. I realized it in the middle of my group training Miami class. Looking around at everyone, I could tell some of us were further in our fitness journey than others, but everyone was enthusiastic and encouraging as we worked side by side for self-improvement. In other words, it was community I was missing.

Sure, in gym class, we have a group of kids working towards a common goal - getting through the hour. I remember enjoying access to the weight room in high school, because it was an individually focused activity, but my school only allowed us to gain access to it senior year and even then, it was booked solid by athletes. Not having a natural talent for sports, I was among the last picked for teams and constantly picked on, made fun of, or forced to be the scorekeeper instead of being encouraged to try for success. It was an attitude I began to internalize, and I got used to 'health' and 'exercise' being synonymous with feeling lousy about myself. Of course I didn't want to exercise!

The right gym knows that health is for everyone, and that our paths are individual. Even though I also engage in personal training Miami classes, just being in a room full of people dedicated to bettering themselves is enough to make me want to work my hardest. I will say that seeing sports performance Miami professionals working on the machines beside me can be intimidating, but I've never met any adult at the gym who has been less than friendly and encouraging. Sometimes, just sharing a smile with someone who gets how hard it is to start this journey can be enough to keep me going.

It's still early. Even though I still want to give up - a lot - I know it's going to get easier as I get used to my new routine. Not working out in a structured way for five years has really taken a toll on my willpower, self-esteem, and energy level. I had no idea all the great things I was missing out on by choosing to be inactive! I've been to a few gyms Miami has to offer, but I think I struck gold on the one I eventually signed up for. The boot camp Miami workout is as intense as it is rewarding.

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