Natural Ways To Stop Snoring

When you obstruct breathing during sleep, one is bound to snore. The habit can disrupt other people and cause you both physical and emotional problems. Individuals, who snore, suffer from high blood pressure, sore throat, lack of concentration, and chest pains. It can have different causes including obstructive sleep apnea, upper respiratory infections, allergies, obesity, alcohol use, and structural and anatomical abnormalities. Some conditions require medical interventions while mild cases are cured by adjusting to your sleeping strategies and patterns and making proper lifestyle choices.

Develop a routine sleep schedule- For many people; snoring is a result of irregular sleep patterns. Working for long hours, skipping a nights' rest, or failing to get enough sleep over time can cause the body to suffer from extreme fatigue. When they finally get deep sleep, the muscles in the back of the throat relax more than normal; hence resulting to snoring. Avoid this state by sleeping at about the same time every night and wait until bedtime to sleep. You can catch a nap to recharge your body but avoid them when you are changing your sleeping patterns.

Don't stimulate yourself before bedtime- Use the bed only for sleep and avoid watching TV while in bed. Avoid taking coffee or alcohol or eating just before you sleep. Most alcoholic drinks are depressants and slow down your body and metabolism, hence interrupting your sleep cycle. The effects of caffeine can remain in the body for hours and try light stretching and evening walks to get you ready for sleep.

Keep your bedroom aerated- The throat membranes and soft palate, and the tissue at the back of the roof of the mouth are easily irritated by breathing in airborne particles like pollen and dust. The irritation can lead to the swelling of the throat membrane; hence, narrowing down the airway causing you to snore. Clean your beddings weekly, replace your pillows often, and keep animals away from your bed.

Lose weight- Being overweight can make the problem worse. Snoring is primarily associated with obesity since such people tend to be bulkier at the throat and neck tissue muscles tone. Such lead to a narrower airway hence excessive snoring. Develop a healthy diet and exercise routine and avoid eating over-processed foods.

Don't overly on sleeping pills- Any chemicals or drugs that help you get to sleep can become highly addictive and result in snoring. The same way the chemicals make the body relax including the throat muscles can cause the soft palate to collapse on the back of the tongue during sleep and cause heaving snoring.

Try performing anti-snoring exercises - This may sound hard to believe, but some evidence show that performing exercises that strengthen the throat and mouth can help you to stop snoring. When the muscles are stronger, they don't collapse during sleep and obstruct the airway. The best exercise to perform including singing, tongue-twisting, and extension, and chewing.

Treat nasal obstruction or congestion- Ensure your nasal passages are clear to help you breathe through the nose and not the mouth. When septum deviates, it limits the airflow through the nose; hence, address the condition and if possible, seek medical advice before using any nasal spray.

If you are searching for the most modern treatment options to curb snoring, we have the answers for you at Be Well Dental. Just contact us today and let our experts handle deal with your problem once and for all.

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