Normal Sounds and Noises Can Affect Autistic Children

The normal sounds and noises are sometimes better to be silent for some children with autism, because of their sensitivity. But is silence golden? There are many signs for autism. A few of them are, poor eye contact, tantrums, short attention span, lining up items in a certain row and sounds and noises that are normal but painful to some autistic children.

I want to talk to you about the normal sounds and noises that are painful to the ears of many autistic individuals, because of an over sensitivity and sensory that some children have.

For example, large crowds of people talking, malls, airplanes, streets in the city filled with cars and people, riding an elevator, that is full of people talking, concerts, music, holidays with families, are just a few of them.

Many children who have an extreme intense sensitivity to normal sounds or noises, will try to calm themselves by either wringing their hands, shaking their hands and some will rock back and forth. Others will put their hands on their ears, to protect them from the noises.

It is a challenge for parent(s), caregiver(s), to know when these normal sounds or noises will affect the individual. Every person with autism is different and there is no concrete or sure way to predict the behavior of the child with autism.

Try to learn what your child likes or dislikes and how he or she responds to new areas that are being introduced, then tabulate them and be prepared if the behavior to normal sounds or noises are too much for your child to handle, try to keep your child safe from it. Do not push or force your child to like normal sounds or noises, by doing that, it will only cause an outbreak in another behavior area that will have to be dealt with.

Some autistic individuals have an over sensitivity to the sounds that seem to appear, to be functional and normal to other people.

For the child or an adult, with autism, they do not understand why they are so sensitive to normal sounds and noises and they probably are trying to understand or trying to make sense of it themselves. For you, to understand why there is a sensitivity to this kind of behavior, many experts agree that these behaviors might be a way that the child is trying to communicate, relate to or try to figure out what is going on.

Parent(s), caregiver(s), must realize that the intense sensitivity to sound that appears to be normal noises and sounds, is common symptom of autism

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