Not a Run of the Mill Bucks for Not a Run of the Mill Bloke

Planning a Bucks Do for a bloke who wants something a bit out of the ordinary? Well, here is an idea that is guaranteed to be a step in the direction of distinctive. I admit that generally the best bit about Game is the hunting. Unfortunately we live in Brisbane which is not known for its overrunning Deer or Wild Boar population. So what if we line up a Bucks with the next best thing and teach him how to handle his manly wild meat properly? And because it's a Bucks - let's include a drink on arrival and unrestriced access to an epically stocked bar that will mean no matter how bad you're cooking, nobody will notice anyway! Seriously gents, this is the best in the game as far as Bucks go.

There is nowhere better to learn this art than at our inner city restaurant which comes complete with Brisbane's foremost cookery school, an award winning chef, a spectacular interior and a philosophy that is bang on trend. It's all about bringing the farm to the city and promotes ingredients that can be tracked directly back to their source. They know their suppliers (read: farmers) by name and have probably met the Deer that you are currently butchering. They proudly tell the story of real, great Australian food and it's a story they are willing to share. Welcome to a lesson in life, that is also a hell of a lot of fun.

In this three hour private tutorial you'll learn the different techniques and tricks behind cooking with Wild Food and Game Meat. It's perfect for a Bucks do as each option is a manly dish of pies, roasts and homemade pates, complimented by native herbs and spices all taught by a trained professional chef who can debone a guinea fowl faster than you can say "what the...." And throughout the class you can toast the virtues of your Buck with a full-bodied Red, in a manner befitting a country gent.

So dig out your tweed jackets and polish up those brogues. Your Buck will be sent home a better man and both he and his fiancé will thank you for it, albeit not instantly but maybe once the hangover passes. It's a Bucks that is a step up from the standard and will raise the bar among your mates. Challenge on for the next of you who becomes a Best Man as he will have trouble bettering your Bucks.

Scarlett Bond writes, blogs and organises Bucks Dos and Hens Parties by day and writes, blogs and organises Bucks Dos and Hens Parties by night. You can check her out day and night at Bucks Night Ideas for all things Bucks and at Hens Night Ideas for all things Hens. Loving your work!. Scarlett x

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