Outsourcing Your Content Writing: Key Considerations For Newbies

In an age where working from home and flexible working is on-trend and fast becoming a way of life, more and more businesses are cottoning onto the fact that outsourcing can be a key element of any business of any size, from a one-man band to a multi-site corporation.

A webmaster to manage your website management, a virtual assistant to manage some of the administrative tasks in your business, a bookkeeper to crunch the numbers. So why not a professional content writer to manage your words? The outcome? Running your business suddenly becomes a whole lot more fun and pleasurable.

Entrusting your business' content writing to professionals affords you the enjoyment of their skillset, experience, capabilities, without the responsibilities which come with being an employer (for whom 2.5 times salary is the average cost of an employee). Maybe you don't have a staff member with the capacity to write content or whose skillset lies elsewhere, or you simply lack the budget to justify a full-time, in-house staff writer. Having said that, for those very many businesses in which outsourcers and employees co-exist quite happily - at least from the point of view of the business owner(s).

Business owners know they should be writing and on a regular basis with content marketing an increasingly powerful method of driving traffic back to their websites, being seen and heard in busy marketplaces and so on. Nevertheless, this is all well and good but for content marketing to be effective it necessitates regular, consistent activity and a constant stream of fresh, interesting and informative articles and blog posts, social media updates, web page updated, email marketing and newsletters follow-ups, etc. Need I go on?

Outsource all or the lion's share of this and you reap the rewards of quality content, potentially attracting leads to your business for a long time to come, minus the frustration, resentment or aggravation you may experience trying to create content yourself.

So what qualifications should you look for in a professional content writer? First and foremost, any writer that you outsource your content creation to should be well educated and have proven writing ability. But whilst you may harbour? a preference for degree-educated outsourcers, that is no failsafe way to guarantee that they can write well. Content writing is a skill.

Look for a track record of proven professional writing experience of two years or more ideally - not somebody who seems like they could be a flash in the pan - ask to see their portfolio or samples of writing. Or determine that they can verify their writing in another way. What writing have they had published? What have they authored? Ideally look for either a range of writing styles or specific technical writing ability if your niche is very specialised.

At the absolute very least you should establish that their grammar and spelling are up to scratch. This may seem really obvious and I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs here, but you'd be surprised how many don't adhere to this basic writing tenet. Any type of online activity leads a permanent audit trail so on the internet more so even than in print, the writing that is published under your name or company banner needs to be flawless.

What experience do they have of working under pressure and to deadlines in a professional capacity? Are they comfortable and au fait with the appropriate research required to produce high quality, accurate, informative and interesting content writing for your business?

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