Overview on Garage Door Prices: How Much Should We Budget?

Our garage is as important as the rest of the parts of the house like the kitchen, bedrooms, comfort rooms, etc. Therefore, one must ensure that the door is of good quality to ensure safety of the things inside the garage. The door must also look good and must go with the house's architectural design (but this is not mandatory).

Garage doors may be installed by us or we can have it installed by the company making it. This will depend on the garage door prices. It may either be cheap or expensive. This depends on many factors such as the brand, the quality, the material used and the services offered along with the purchasing of the door. The standard door price however are always fixed or within the minimum and maximum range.

The Garage door prices of 16x7 ft. aluminum standard tilt-up is within $300 to $500. This may or may not include installation of the door in our home. A 16x7 ft. rolling up or tilt-up wood or aluminum door with plywood on the outside is at $400 to $700. This door price usually includes the installation.

There are also non-insulated doors and the cheapest garage door prices of this kind may run up from $600 to $700 but of the cheapest brand because non-insulated doors are quite expensive. This will also include the installation of the door.

A standard 16x7 steel doors are prized at $750 to $1200 with professional installation included on the package. Steel doors may be expensive depending on the brand and the layer. Double-skin thick metal doors with insulation are expensive while the single skin metal doors have lesser costs.

For roll-up garage doors of a higher grade and with stained wood door panels, the price is at $1200 to $2000. This price includes the installation of the garage door by a professional. It is expensive because of the type of wood used and the decorative art additional on the garage door wood panel.

The last price range is for the particular homeowners who want their door to be custom built wood. Wood is popular because it can be easily designed and it can always go along with the architectural design of the house. The price range for custom-built wooden garage door is at $2500 up. The more durable quality of the wood, the more expensive it is. Wooden garage doors require regular maintenance because wood can decay overtime due to many external factors.

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