Parent(s) Who Have Children With Autism Can Become Positive--How?

Most children with autism, have a behavior problem, that can have a negative effect on you as parent(s). It is a difficult task to try to become a positive parent(s) when the frustration of your child with autism continues his or her behavior that is out of control. What can be done for you to be positive?

I have learned through my experience from being a parent that being picky is not going to solve the problem to become positive. Criticism, for your child will bankrupt the bond and the healthy relationship you could be having with your child.

Many parent(s) get frustrated when their children are not doing something the way they would do it or the way they would want them to do it.

As parent(s), for you to become positive with a child who has autism, you must not be a "nitpicker" about the little things. It will break the bond, relationship and trust for you as parent(s) between you and your child. This will in addition, enable your child to lose his or her self-confidence. Children with autism, need to be encouraged, praised, loved with hugs and kisses , not to be devalued.

It is imperative to understand, if there are other siblings in your family who can obey you, as parent(s) and follow instructions, for the tasks, do not compare them to your other child with autism. By doing this it will create a negativity and not bring forth you, as a positive parent.

If fault finding with your child who has the disorder of autism is continued with a critical spirit, your child will pick up on your behavior and he or she will display a resentment, a rebellious attitude toward you and other family members.

To be a positive parent(s), you need to show love,encouragement, patience and understanding, that is positive. Our children model after us and it will bring them positive self-esteem, confidence and cause a strong bonding to you as parent(s).

Being a positive parent(s) that has a child with autism does reflect challenges and problems. Trying to solve them with anger, criticism, showing frustration and putting your child down, will not give strength for being a positive parent(s). These emotions that are displayed will cause negativity and your child will become distant from you and this could cause more problems. It is always wise to keep your mind set on being a positive parent(s) for the fact it will set the ground work for the future of your child.

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