Parents Who Feel, Self-Defeated Raising an Autistic Child-What Can Be Done?

Sometimes, a parent may feel that their emotions are out of sort and start to feel and think they are self-defeated, trying to raise and understand an autistic child. These emotions that the parents might have and display are, frustration, worry, fear, anger, anxiety and sadness. At times parents are not able to sort out their emotions and this could bring about self-defeating feelings and not resolve the problem.

In addition to these emotions and feelings that might occur, they can prevent a parent(s) from thinking clearly and taking the correct action to deal with and understand the situation.

The important thing to remember, is, these feelings and emotions are normal, but they can produce thoughts in the minds of the parents that they are failures and become self-defeating to go forward and take charge of these feelings. They become numb or stay in a rut.

Having a child with autism should never be recognized as a parent being a failure. Understanding and placing negative emotions in the correct area or redirecting them, is the positive way to change and challenge them, so those feelings will help both the parent(s) and the child with the disorder of autism.

Self-defeating feelings and emotions can be complex and create more problems, if they are not addressed in a positive way.

There are some parents, who react to the emotions of anger, anxiety, fear and frustration, that may result in the category of helplessness. In addition, there are parents who will respond and react to these emotions of not allowing them to be self-defeating and take action to correct these emotions and find out what is causing them.

The difference between these two approaches of parent(s) feeling self-defeated by trying to raise an autistic child or finding out their child has autism, is their personal belief system of what is a failure. There are people who have better coping skills and are able to manage and control these emotions and feelings of being self-defeated.

It is important to understand, having a child with autism can be extremely demanding. Due to this fact, it can create many emotions that seem to be unbalanced and may put thoughts in the parents of the child, that they feel self-defeated and want to give up, or what is the use, it will never get better.

Remember, there is hope for children with autism, and as parent(s) progress with the individual with autism, their emotions become stronger and more positive, if they are redirected and understand what is causing these feelings and emotions of being self-defeated.

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