Party Planning Made Easy

The fall is one of the most popular times of the year for hosting parties. People put a lot of effort into making sure everything goes off exactly as they have it planned, and the work involved in doing so can become so stressful that no matter how much the guests enjoy the party, the host or hostess might feel like it was not worth it. This is exactly the reason why professional party planners exist; to take the stress away. Of course, one of the reasons people like to have parties at their home is because it saves money, and hiring a party planner adds an entirely new level of expense.

There is a happy medium to all this and it comes in the form of a caterer. The most time consuming and second most expensive - after the alcohol and beverages - aspect of any party is the food. It is also almost the only thing that requires a host's attention while the party is still going on. Everything else, from the decorations to the DJ, are finished and done by the time the first guest arrives, and except for addressing individual concerns here and there throughout the event, the only thing a host has to worry about is enjoying their time with the guests. That is except for the food.

Working without a caterer means a constant parade back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room, filling up platters, watching the oven, washing off serving trays and just missing out on the fun in general. With a caterer, all those responsibilities are taken away, freeing up the host's time during the party.

It also frees up plenty of time before the party. Typically a caterer only needs to meet with a client twice before a party. The first meeting is the important one, where menus and budgets are discussed as well as addressing issues such as theme and decorations, access to the kitchen and other "nuts and bolts" type information. The second meeting, typically done over the phone, happens two to three days before the event and chiefly consists of final confirmation.

Compare that to someone working without a caterer. They have to spend time putting together a menu, driving all over town to make sure they can find all, plus arranging for additional plates, utensils and serving trays. Then there is the time sensitive nature of preparing the food, making them unavailable for any last minute adjustments and greeting their guests.

Everybody loves a house party but nobody loves stressing out over hosting one. Party planning is made easy by delegating the biggest concern, the food, to a professional. Hiring a catering company to take control is the easiest way to make a party as enjoyable for the host as it is for the guests.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been writing about the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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