Permission to Play Pretend

Can you remember the feeling of total freedom and adventure you had as a child, climbing trees, running through the woods, and playing pretend on the playground outside of your school? Maybe you played sword fighting with sticks in the park, and dreamed you were saving a kingdom. It didn't matter how long you were out there playing - it was never long enough, and it went by too fast. The concept of creative reimagining or, the way that you transformed the mundane environment and yourself into something fantastic an exciting made the time go by, and you got a great workout. I never abandoned this practice - it's made my workouts that much more exciting and effective.

In fact, I think a lot of us do this without realizing it. Zoning out and jogging on the treadmill to The Matrix soundtrack and imagining how in shape I'd have to be in to run away from Mr. Smith was my go-to motivation for a long time. A jogging app exists now that plays false Apocalyptic broadcasts in order to encourage you to really run for your life! Raised on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy, this is a method that really puts the fire under my feet!

Sports performance Miami professionals might have different methods, but that's okay. This is what works for me and a lot of people. Just that small amount of imagined fantastic danger and risk can get those creative juices going and make time fly by. Besides, the benefits to letting yourself play pretend is incredible. It helps you find more out of the box solutions in your workplace, and if you're a creative type like I am, you might dream up whole new storytelling ideas and concepts during this time.

I think a lot of us are used to the structure of personal training Miami classes and group training Miami classes, where we are 100% present and working with the instructor and group to create our fitness experience. It's very rewarding, but when you are on your own with your earbuds, it's hard not to space out and let your thoughts roam. Letting your body and conscious mind do their thing frees your subconscious up to solve problems and let loose a little. This de-stressing is vital!

So consider this an official permission slip to play pretend when you're working out. Yes, even though you are an adult. There's nothing wrong with a little creative reinvention to keep you busy when you're having trouble staying on track, or when the time is moving too slowly and the workout seems like an endless, painful inconvenience. This is an invitation to make exercising ridiculous, absurd and absolutely fun again by imagining all the crazy, unrealistic world saving scenarios you can use your healthy body in. Never stop training! Train to slay the dragon, to survive the zombie apocalypse, or to accompany your favorite fictional protagonists on their monster slaying heroic adventures. Whatever it is that keeps you in sync with your routine.

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