Persistence Produces Power, for Raising Your Autistic Child. How?

Having persistence with your autistic child will produce power when trying to raise your child. It is difficult to raise an autistic child with its many levels of behavior problems, such as, communication skills, eye contact, social skills, or accepting new changes and challenges, head banging, disturbed by noises, bright colors, flashing lights, kicking and traveling, are just a few of the characteristics of a child with autism has.

Raising your child with many of these examples, can be extremely aggravating. I have learned and experienced how important persistence is, which produces power. I do not mean power that is bullying or abuse, but healthy power that brings results that you desire. It pays off when raising your child with many positive changes and results.

Persistence is getting results that you want or expect within the limits of your autistic child. But, how do you learn what persistence is? Let me explain it to you. Persistence is, something you want, so you can be consistent with raising your child within set limits and boundaries. It is accomplished by repetition. You must be repetitious in your guide lines that you have set for raising your child with autism.

You can achieve positive results by being persistent, because there is no other emotion as powerful as this one is. Of course you need repetition to make it work.

It is exasperating trying to bring up your child and you have given him or her boundaries to follow, but, there are times those boundaries and guide lines do not get accomplished. You may feel, you want to give up, quit, and say it is not worth the effort. That kind of attitude will not bring about positive results.

You must be persistent to produce power. This kind of power that is produced, is power that will help raise your child for both your child and you to gain positive benefits.

You will gain purpose for your child so he or she will become stronger, learn obedience, trust, consistency, self-esteem, and respect for you as parent(s) and caregiver(s). When you are repetitious with persistence, you will reap excellent results.

Bringing your child up and raising him or her, requires persistence, which creates power and keeps the boundaries, rules, guide lines you have set, in motion without feeling so much stress and being worn out. Once you practice consistency, repetition with persistence, you will find your life is moving in a smoother direction and the stress, or dread will slowly disappear.

Enjoy your child with autism, love him or her, but remember, you as parent(s), caregiver(s) are important and you must be persistent in raising your child that will bring you power. You will be happy you did.

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