Personal Development ~ Closing the Gaps - Journaling for Peak Performance

Ready for change and a life of success, freedom and happiness, then be "willing to be responsible" in making the necessary changes to your current choices to better support the REAL life you want? This is a simple YES I WILL! Forget excuses.

Opening to insights on intuitive reasoning will more easily create flow. To create flow, you must question the norm... the norm of your thoughts, words and actions. In order to position yourself to take original actions to live intentionally... so... moment to moment happiness and success become unshakable and inseparable, you must first learn to turn problems, personal or professional, INTO SOLUTIONS. You can live each day in a world filled with "problems," or rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions… eager for you to find them. The choice is yours… both worlds exist. Becoming the architect of transformation from any position and time in your life starts with becoming conscious of how you are affecting your life personally, professionally and organizationally through your choices. You must be truthful with "yourself" on how you effect your life through the choices you make.

Getting to the heart and truth of the matter frees your mind from limiting excuses that only recreate same old same old. To become more conscious of what is motivating your choices, journal your feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. Journaling is one form, one tool, to become more aware of you and how you are effecting your life. Journaling is credible writing; it is an opportunity to place your true feelings or reactions about any situation you have gone through in a form that allows complete freedom of expression. Placing thoughts on paper empowers you to become "more consciously aware" of how you are responding to your situations. Through "focused hope", "reality based solutions," or "defeating attitudes". When you express your feelings and place your words on paper this it is how "you" can become aware of where you are coming from... truthfully. The length of your entries into your journal does not matter. You can record a single word or sentence, a paragraph, or however long you require the entry to be. Just record your thoughts, feelings and insights... uncensored. This honest expression allows you to quickly realize how you respond to life situations, either more negatively or positively.

The first step in writing in your journal is to "quest for the truth of you." Having this intention of honesty with yourself assists you in uncovering what limiting thoughts have influenced you and your situations. Stay in the moment of how you think and feel. If you need to take notes in the course of your day to help you to remember important "feelings" or insights that came into your mind before you had an opportunity to write in your journal, do so. Each step is a step closer to you becoming aware of what is effecting your life situations. Write with uncensored feelings and interpretations. Remember, once you are clear with you, this exercise in awareness will become automatic and lessen the time required for note taking, extensive journaling or journaling at all. Be open to discuss these feelings with someone that you trust has good judgment. If you require either a business or personal coach... get one.

Common sense does not equate to common action. Why? Because information does not necessarily cause transformation. It is what we do with the information that effects change. As human beings, we require different levels of "activation" and change "energetically" to start real change. Changes must first occur in our brain by resetting negative mindsets and behaviors that create a ripple effect throughout your personal and professional lives. Creating positive ripples brings into existence positive effects that will create productive lives personally, professionally and organizationally. Positivity and negativity spread. And depending on the intensity behind either... either can spread like wildfire. There is no such thing as a useless outcome or result. Any experience can always contribute to self-awareness... if you use tools to be more aware of you. Journaling is one such tool. You can receive a "reality check", an immediate heads up from journaling your "reality" which exposes a deeper truth. Truth is not right or wrong... just truth. Journaling is like a magnifying glass. In assists you in honing in on the details. On the real truth beneath and beyond any drama and mental debates are creating confusion or fear/anxiousness inside of you. "Suffering is holding onto pain." A way an individual often holds on to pain is by creating excuses designed to protect them. Letting go of excuses is often the problem we all face. When you face your problems, you have unlimited courage to be who you are, and to create what you love. Creating what you love forges positive ripples which profoundly effect an individual's or organization's ability to transition and change.

It's always good to reread so your mind can fully absorb the empowering suggestions to be successful.

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