Personal Development Tip - True Inner Intent Always Equals Outcome

No matter what the outcome is; it holds purpose and is created as we desired it to be for a higher level of self realization.

Find ways to empower self by being responsible for what stands before you as an experience you chose to have. Without judging the experience, allow yourself to feel it, learn from it, and contemplate the change that will assist you in reaching both your short and long term goals, then place an action behind your words. If you judge, blame, run away, or turn your back on what challenges you, you will soon discover that what you are running from is an aspect of self that you haven't accepted/loved as self. We all know that we can't run away from ourselves.

If you maintain clear vision, focus, clarity of intent and a continual commitment to empowering/loving self expands you are able to open doors of opportunities that are closed to those with self defeating attitudes. Continue to pray, meditate, love, laugh, declare, and create a playfulness in what you do. Be who you desire to be through balanced action, trust and keep the inner knowing that all that is internally desired is given unto you.

If you are sincere about your passion, and your dreams, don't do it halfheartedly. Go for it. Accept no excuses. Just do it. Flow with and live life instead of reacting to or running from life. Quit looking for life to be reasonable from a limited perspective. Expand beyond old ways that no longer support life as you dream it to be.

If your life doesn't appear to be 'working', reevaluate what you are doing to find your true intent. Refine and improve the questions you ask yourself by looking honestly at what 'is' the outcome. Whatever the outcome 'is', is exactly what you wanted to have to receive an expanded level of self-realization. Examine what you perceive you may lose or gain and you can discover your unconscious beliefs. Remember the most important aspect that allows the desired change to accrue is honesty and responsibility to yourself. Accept the fact that what is 'reality' in your life is exactly what you internally desire. If you create a life of hardship, it is because you gain a worth from it being that way.

If you logically speak this is not what you desire, go deep within your heart and ask yourself what are your payoffs. For all actions are for self-interest and there is a payoff if you look under the layers of reactive behavior. You react and perform for others in the desire to receive or give what you perceive love to be. If your need for validation is stronger than what you speak you desire, you will create a reality to support your strongest requirement. Take full responsibility for your creations without judgment on self or blame on another.

Remember, all that stands before you, whether you like it or not, is your creation. It is your way to receive what you perceive love to be. The only way to change your reality is by being responsible for what you have created without judgment or blame. Whatever you have created holds purpose. Find the purpose, find the good, then move on! Holding onto the mindset that what was created was painful only gives it the opportunity to recreate more pain. Remember, fear and pain can not live within self unless it is given credence to do so in any form. Fear perpetuates fear. To end an existence of fear, discover what unconscious thought is creating it.

Look at the outcome of each situation and how you were served by that situation. Denial that you have not been served continues the reoccurrence of that fear. We are always being served no matter what is the perceived pain. That which is not to be for our highest good will never be, and that which is to be for our highest good will always be. Trust in an intelligence that lives within self as an all knowing energy force in its purest form.

When you silence the ideology of a judgmental mind, you will open your world to peace, harmony and an inner fulfilling abundance. This type of allowance unfolds a joyous, harmonious love within self. As we continue to unfold the unshakeable love that lives within all of us, we realize we are never at the "effect of" any human experience unless we chose to be.

Veronique's intensive spiritual quest became expressed in her innovative course The Choice Is Mine. Her work teaches you how to look at life situations so you can know your full potential & act positively on that awareness, to live your dream life sooner rather than later. Take that first step in your personal development & begin reprogramming your subconscious today.

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