Planning Ahead To Your Next Party

The leaves may all still be green, the pool may still be full of all the neighborhood kids - including one or two you do not recognize - and the heat index might still be flirting with three figures, but the truth is fall is just a month away and with it comes the season for hosting parties and entertaining friends. In other words, now is the time to start making plans and hiring caterers for your next big party.

Everyone has stories about going to a party and discovering the same buffet style pasta and meat dishes that a lot of men remember from some "bachelor parties on a budget" they attended when they were younger. No matter what the hosts do to make it look fancy, by replating in their fancy serving dishes or dimming the lights and using atmospheric candles, the food will always taste the same. In some cases, this choice may have been intentional, the plan all along, but in many instances, this typical meal selection is the result of poor planning.

During the recent recession, one of the changes people made in their lives in order to save money was to go out less and entertain at home more. Now that the economy has recovered and continues to grow, people are still opting for this form of entertaining. However, the added financial security means they are doing less of the cooking themselves, creating a significant demand for catering companies. People in the know are now making their plans not around what weekend they typically host their party on, but when they can book their favorite caterer.
Nobody wants to be left behind, so if you have a party to plan for this fall or holiday season, now is the time to start putting those plans into effect. The first decision to make is the size and scope of the party. Is this going to be a sit down dinner for a dozen of your friends or a casual appetizer and cocktails gathering for 50? Is there a theme that you want to adhere to, or are you more interested in presenting a food style that might be unique and interesting to your guests? Finally, is the food going to be a main player for this party, or just one of many members of the supporting cast?

Once you have these questions answered, you can start doing the research for catering companies in your area. With a detailed list of what you are - and are not - looking for you can quickly make the decision and get your party penciled in your calendar. So while you are out trying to catch the last few rays of summer, you might want to keep one eye on your tablet, seeing which catering company is right for you.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who has been covering the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years.

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