Play Android Games with a Wiimote

Certain Android phones enable you to connect a Nintendo Wii remote control to play games. I'll show you how to do it. Playing some great games available via a touchscreen can be a bit of a pain. Because your thumbs are in the way, you often can't see half the screen. Also your lightning-fast responses sometimes don't even register. Fortunately, Android devices have the same Bluetooth functionality that Nintendo's Wii uses to connect its controllers (known as Wiimotes) to the console, and a simple app enables you to connect a Wiimote to your Android device. It's not compatible with all devices, but if you've got a Wii controller, there's no harm in trying. It can be used with an increased number of games- including Grand Theft Auto III- and it makes playing them even more fun.

Playing Games

1. Get a Wii

Before you start, you'll obviously need to get a Wii controller with fully charged batteries. You'll also need to enable Bluetooth on your Android device- press the 'Menu' button, then choose 'Settings> Wireless & networks' and tap the box next to Bluetooth to turn it on. Now, open Google Play.

2. Wiimote Control

Search Google Play for 'Wiimote Controller' and then install it on your device. Open the app and choose 'I agree' when prompted by the agreement. Next you need to enable your Wii controller as an input method- choose 'Yes' and then check 'Wii Controller IME' on the following screen.

3. Input Method

Your phone displays a warning, but it's nothing to worry about- you won't be inputting credit card numbers via your Wiimote- so tap 'Ok'. Now you need to put your Wiimote into discovery mode by holding down both the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time- the lights at the bottom flash when its enabled.

4. Init

Now tap 'Init and Connect' on the Wiimote Controller app on your Android device. This searches for Wii controllers and displays the results in the panel below. You may need to press the numbered buttons on your Wiimote and tap 'Init and Connect' a few times before it detects it correctly.

5. Making a Connection

Your Wiimote should now be connected to your Android device via Bluetooth. Tap the Wiimote's buttons and the direction pad, and you should see the appropriate responses on the screen. Now tap 'Select Wii Controller IME' and check the box next to 'Wii Controller IME' before tapping back on the Android device.

6. Wii is Good

You can now use your Wii controller to control your device, with the direction pad and A button letting you select and choose options. Next, you need some games- a handful on Google Play are compatible with this method of control. I recommend Muffin Knight to begin with, and also try Reckless Racing and Reckless Getaway.

7. A Few Problems with Wii

Sometimes your Wiimote will disconnect from the Android device, or the connection will be lost. In this case, run through steps four and five again to re-establish the connection. You can disconnect the Wiimote by pressing the 'Menu' key, then choosing 'Language & keyboard' and unchecking the entry for 'WiiControllerIME'.

8. Playing the Game

You've now changed your Android device into something more similar to a proper games console, and you know how to connect the Wii's controller to your device. Now you'll be able to control your games properly while you're on the go, and piling up a few of those all-important high scores.

Play Android Games with a Wiimote

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