Plumber - Benefits Of Water Filters

As the saying goes, 'water is life', there is no way our bodies can survive without water. It is unfortunate however that in this day and age there are many people all over the world who have no access to clean drinking water. Much as the body requires water to survive, contaminated water can only lead to illnesses.

Water from rivers and lakes can have parasites, bacteria and protozoa in it. Water also has minerals which may cause it to have a taste which may not be pleasant. To ensure that your drinking water is safe to drink, it is important to have a water filter installed by a plumber. There are various methods which are used in water filters to cleanse the water.

Why You Should Filter Water

Water has many health benefits and you can only enjoy these benefits if the water you drink is clean. Your tap water is normally filtered but in the process of transporting it to your home, it can easily get contaminated in the piping system. Filtering your water at the point of use will ensure that your children reap from the benefits of water. This is because water is known to contribute to the proper physical and mental development of a child.

Filtration Method

You can have a plumber install a water filter which is an effective method of removing contaminants in order to make the water safe for drinking. A filter uses a special material and the water is made to flow through it. This material can either chemically absorb the contaminants or physically block them from passing through. A filter which uses the absorption process breaks the bonds between the contaminant and water and then attaches the contaminant to the filter.

Healthy Water

Water can be passed through different stages of filtration so that each process removes the maximum contaminants possible. When the water is passed through the filter, it moves at a slow pace in order to have enough contact with the filter so that the contaminants can be effectively removed. Since filters use chemical absorption, they can retain useful minerals in the water so that the resultant water is healthy for the body. The filter can be made from a variety of materials and the most common material used is carbon or a mixture of carbon and other elements.

Contaminants Eliminated

Water filters can remove chlorine and volatile organic chemicals which are normally found in water that has been treated by the municipal. Water filters are also able to remove the protozoa that are resistant to chlorine. Water filters are affordable and they do not waste water which makes them suitable for your home.

Effective Water Filters

Water that is passed through a filter should have enough contact time with the filter which is not the case with the rapid water filters. These filters do not allow the water to have enough time for contaminants to be removed. There are also water filters such as the granular filters which do not use the chemical absorption process and will therefore allow a number of contaminants to pass through.

Carbon filters are known to be the most effective since they use the chemical absorption method. You can therefore get advice from your plumber on having the most effective filter installed in your home.

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