Plumber - Choosing A Suitable Hot Water System

There is nothing as frustrating as your hot water system breaking down just when you are about to shower after a long day's work. You will want to call a plumber immediately and request for a replacement as soon as is practically possible.

Have you ever thought about the hot water system that you have and whether it is the most suitable system for your needs? You need to know the hot water systems that are available and the option that best suits you. You can call in a plumber to evaluate your hot water usage so that he can recommend the most suitable options for you.

Hot Water Usage

A plumber will normally consider the number of people in your household and the way in which hot water is used in your home so as to determine a suitable hot water system.

There are homes where clothes and dishes are washed using warm water. In other homes, the residents enjoy taking long hot showers. The plumber will need to know the amount of hot water that is used and the time of day when most of the hot water is required. This information will help to determine the size and type of hot water system that is required.

Household Size

If your home consists of one or two people, it would be economical to use a continuous hot water system that runs on gas or electricity. If you are three to four people in the house, you can consider using a continuous flow system or a storage system that is run on gas. You may also consider using a heat pump.

In case you are in a home of more than five people, then several continuous flow systems in various parts of the house can be an option. You can also use a storage system that runs on gas or a big heat pump.

Heating Methods Used

There are different ways that are used to heat the water in a hot water system. A solar hot water system is made up of collector panels which trap the sun's energy and use it to heat the water. The heated water flows to a storage tank. The storage tank is normally fitted with a gas or electric booster. The solar heater is expensive to purchase but in the long ran it is the cheapest method of accessing hot water.

The electric hot water system uses a storage tank and is quite inexpensive to install. However, it is expensive to run and you may need to heat your water during off peak times. You can also use an electric continuous hot water system.

Natural gas can also heat your hot water and you can use the storage tank or the continuous flow system. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity and is environmentally friendly. The heat pump works like a fridge and extracts heat from the environment to heat the water tank.

Choosing The Right System

A suitable system is one which will provide your hot water when you need it and at a cost that is pocket friendly. You can also consider the environmental impact of the system that you plan to use and whether the system can serve you for a long time.

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