Plumber - Common Roles And Tasks

Any building cannot function properly without the services of a plumber. Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial building, each has its unique plumbing requirements. A large residential complex will require a different set of skills than a stand alone residential building due to the complexity of the plumbing needs.

There are a variety of appliances, equipment, piping that need to be fixed in a building. The water and sewerage system, the heating system, the gas system all need to be installed, maintained, repaired, replaced and all these have to be done by a skilled plumber.

Who Is A Plumber?

A plumber is a tradesperson who installs and repairs water pipes and any appliances and fixtures which are attached to the water system of a home, business or industry. A plumber is skilled in reading blueprints and knows all about building codes. Most plumbers today are also required to have knowledge of different methods used for the conservation of water.

The Job Of A Plumber

The job of a plumber requires physical strength and there are jobs which are done indoors while others have to be done outdoors. A plumber therefore has to be flexible enough to work in a variety of environments. He may need to work outside in the rain or in a cramped up position to get under the sink.

Plumbers perform the installation, repair and maintenance of water supply pipes and systems for the disposal of waste. They also install, repair and service hot water systems and gas systems, and also repair machines used in industries.

Skills Required

Since a plumber is required to do a variety of jobs, it is important for him to know the tools and materials that will be required for each job. It would look unprofessional for the plumber to reach the client's premises and then have to go back for missing tools and items.

Depending on the project at hand, a plumber may be required to design a piping system for a construction. He may then install the piping system, together with the fixtures required for instance sinks, toilets, showers and water fountains.

Specialties In Plumbing

There are different specialties found in plumbing including pipe fitters, gasfitters, pipe layers and steamfitters. A plumber can decide to specialize in one or more of these areas. A pipe layer is a plumber who installs the pipes which are needed for the supply of clean water and the disposal of waste. Pipe fitters are normally required when the job involves a large industry. Steam fitters are involved in systems which use high pressure to move gases or liquids like compressed air, steam or water.

Emergency Work

A good chunk of the work done by plumbers is emergency work. There could be a burst sewer pipe in one place and a heating system that has broken down during winter in another place. This means that plumbers have to be on call twenty four hours a day.

A plumber therefore has to be ready to work long hours, weekends and holidays. The good news is that the more the work, the more the compensation. However, there are plumbers who prefer to have normal working hours. These plumbers can involve themselves in jobs like the fixing of pipes or sprinklers, or in pipe laying and steam fitting.

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