Plumber - Dealing With Cracked Pipes

In order to survive, every human being requires water. That is why the supply of clean water to buildings is a significant part of a plumber's job. Buildings cannot operate without this vital commodity. It is the responsibility of the plumber to make sure that the piping for the supply of clean water is properly done to avoid contamination. Pipes can get damaged due to a variety of reasons allowing contaminants to get inside. There are various methods of repairing pipes and an effective method that can be used is pipe relining.

Why Pipes Crack

There are a variety of reasons why drainage pipes can end up cracking. Tree roots are attracted to moisture and will therefore grow towards areas where there is water. The roots will normally grow towards pipes and will crack them in order to access the water inside. Pipes can also crack when the ground shifts and pressure is placed on certain parts of the piping. Metal pipes can corrode with time which causes them to crack.

Consequences Of Cracked Pipes

Drainage pipes that are cracked can easily cause the soil to be polluted. A bad smell comes from the pipes and your property can get damaged. If a cracked drainage pipe is left unattended to for a long time, the sewage can seep down into underground water thus contaminating it. You may find small pools of water on the ground and sometimes you may end up with cracked floors and walls.

Locating A Crack

If you suspect that you have a cracked pipe in your property, you need to immediately call a plumber. The first thing that the plumber will need to do is to locate the exact spot where there is a crack on the drainage pipe.

Drain cameras can be lowered into the drains so that the plumber can see the insides of the pipe so that he can know to what degree the pipe has been damaged. Depending on the amount of damage, the plumber will come up with a repair plan. He may decide to use the pipe relining method or he may have to replace the entire pipe.

Pipe Relining

The pipe relining method of repairing pipes is effective and convenient since the damaged pipe does not need to be excavated. The pipe is first cleaned to clear it of any blockage such as roots of trees and grime that may be on the sides of the pipe.

The pipe will have its original diameter once it has been cleaned which is important when relining is to be done. A liner which is made from a strong material such as epoxy or polyester is inserted into the pipe. The crack is therefore covered from within the pipe. The plumber can then confirm whether the relining has been properly done by the use of the drain cameras.

Advantages Of Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is done using strong materials which are known to last for a very long time. There are no joints formed when the pipe relining method is used which makes it impossible for tree roots to crack the pipe in the future. The pipe relining method is also very fast and you can have your pipes repaired within a few hours.

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