Plumber - Reducing Effects Of Burst Pipes

The piping system is a very important aspect for any building and if it is not functioning properly then the structure may not be usable. There are pipes that bring in clean water to the building while others get rid of waste. Sometimes pipes can have various problems which require to be fixed by a plumber.

Burst pipes can be a real inconvenience as they tend to interrupt the activities that are to take place in a building. Businesses can get losses and property can be damaged through flooding after pipes burst. It is therefore important to get an emergency plumber to deal with the problem as soon as possible.

How Pipes Burst

During winter, water that is in your pipes can end up freezing. When water solidifies, it expands and exerts pressure on the pipes which causes them to burst. If pipes do not receive the proper servicing, old pipes can end up corroding. Corrosion causes the pipes to weaken and a build up of calcium exerts pressure on the weakened pipes which causes them to burst open. Pipes made from steel are prone to the problem of corrosion. Tree roots can also cause your pipes to burst.

Roots usually grow in the direction where they can access water and since pipes contain water, roots will normally grow towards them. The roots will burst the pipes in order to access the water inside. Your pipes can also burst due to increased pressure from above. If there is a construction happening in your neighborhood, the soil may move around and place pressure on your pipes which can end up bursting.

Results Of Burst Pipes

If a main system experiences a burst pipe, there can be a lot of damage to property. In very serious cases, people may be required to move out of their homes until the pipes are fixed. The water supply in that area would have to be shut off until repairs are completed by a plumber. A burst pipe in the home will increase your bills due to the wasted water.

You can lose two full baths of water every hour from a burst pipe. This means you can lose lots of water if you are away from home when the pipe bursts. You can also experience great damage to your property. If the burst pipe is located on the ceiling of your home, you may not immediately know until the water collects and forces its way into your rooms.

How To Prevent Burst Pipes

It is a good idea to protect yourself by taking measures to reduce the risk of burst pipes. You should ensure that you identify where the stop cock is located. You should also know how to operate it so that in case there is any leak in the house, you can quickly shut off the water supply.

Pipes that are located in unheated areas of the house are prone to bursting due to freezing. These pipes therefore need to be lagged by a plumber. Pipes that are in the ground should also be lagged and they should be laid deep enough in the ground. You should insulate your outside taps and pipes, and your cold water tank should also be insulated.

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