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A reliable water supply is a must have for any building in order for it to function properly. It is also equally important to have a reliable hot water supply so that you do not run out of hot water when you most need it. With energy costs increasing every so often, it is important to ensure that the hot water system that you use will allow you to make savings.

You also want to comply with regulations on green house gas emissions. It is always best to select a system that emits the minimum amount of greenhouse gas. A plumber can advise you on the best system that will suit your needs, and you can opt to use the solar heater.

How A Solar Heater Works

A solar hot water system uses panels which are located on the roof of the building to capture heat from the sun. Water then flows through the panels and gets heated in the process. The heated water is then pumped from the panels into a storage tank that is insulated in order to retain the heat.

In some systems, the hot water is not pumped from the panels to the tank. Instead, the storage tank is placed above the panels. When the water is heated in the panels, its density reduces and it is able to rise to the storage tank. As the hot water rises to the tank, cold water replaces it in the panels.


A booster is connected to the storage tank to increase the hot water supply when the sunlight is not enough. The booster can operate on electricity, gas or solid fuel. An electric booster is placed inside the storage tank and heats the water when switched on.

A gas booster heats the water by use of a gas burner that is located inside the storage tank. There are other gas boosters however where the gas burner is located below the storage tank. Boosters that use solid fuel to heat the water use a heat exchanger system.

Efficiency Of Boosters

You can use a booster that is manually operated or an automatic one. The automatic booster contains a thermostat which automatically switches on the booster when the water temperature in the tank is below the required level. It is important to consult your plumber to ensure that you get an efficient booster. This is because an inefficient booster will not use the available solar energy to the maximum.

This happens for example when the thermostat switches on the booster at night and by daytime the water in the storage tank is already hot. You should therefore have a thermostat which can be timed. Also make sure that your storage tank is well insulated so that there will be enough water for use even during the night.

Proper Use Of Boosters

A bacteria known as Legionella is known to grow in water and it is harmful to your health. You should therefore set the thermostat of your booster above sixty degrees centigrade to inhibit the growth of the bacteria. You can turn off your booster if you will be away from home for several days. There are always instructions which are provided by your solar system manufacturer and it is a good idea to follow them.

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