Plumber - Variety Of Tasks Performed

Residents of a building normally expect that they can carry out their activities without much of a problem. In case there is a leaking pipe or a blocked toilet in the building, it can greatly hamper the activities of the residents. A plumber is therefore always at hand to ensure that any plumbing problems that arise are addressed as fast as possible.

Plumbing problems can cause loss of revenue for businesses and a break down of a machine can cause the activities in an industry to stop. There are many types of jobs that a plumber can do, and they vary in size and complexity.

Commercial Plumbing

A plumber can be involved in commercial plumbing which involves the installation and maintenance of water supply systems and waste disposal systems in industries, businesses or large housing complexes.

Commercial plumbing is done at a large scale and involves other tasks as well. A commercial plumber is skilled in the installation and maintenance of hot water systems in large buildings and also repairs and services machines and other equipment used in industries.

There are plumbers who are trained in gas fitting and they install, construct, modify and repair appliances which use or supply gas. Gas fitters are responsible for identifying where gas appliances are to be located. They also instruct clients on the safe use of gas to avoid risks like explosions.

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are a common occurrence and a plumber is required to remove the blockage. When you flush a blocked toilet, rather than the water going down the drain, it comes back up. It is always a good idea to close off the water supply to the toilet tank once the toilet blocks.

A plumber uses a variety of tools to unblock toilets including a plunger and a drain snake. A heavy duty plunger is normally used to loosen the blockage and cause it to flow down the drain. A drain snake on the other hand is a coil of wires which is pushed down the drain until the blockage is reached. A motor on the drain snake is turned on which crashes the obstruction into small pieces enabling it to flow down the drain. The obstruction can also be pulled out and disposed of.

Leaking Showers

A shower that drips even after the tap has been closed properly usually has a problem with the faucet. When the shower drips, it causes wastage of water and if the problem is on the hot water side, it also causes a waste of energy. This is because excess water is heated unnecessarily. A shower faucet may have deposits in it or may have worn out seals which cause it to malfunction. If the rubber rings which are located on the moving parts of the metal are worn out, water will drip from the shower.

A plumber will need to examine the faucet to confirm the source of the problem. He can then replace the parts which are worn out to enable the shower to function properly. Depending on the type of shower faucet that has been used, the plumber will buy the required kit which has the replacement parts to enable him carry out the repair work.

James Hasapis has been a member of a skilled and experienced team of plumbers at Pipe Masters who offer professional plumbing services in Hills District. Services offered include commercial plumbing and repair of toilets and showers. For more information, please log on to Pipe Masters areas serviced.

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