Political/Royal Paedophilia Will Further Allegations Bring The House Of Cards Down?

By Paul A Philips

More information comes out revealing allegations of child abuse cover-ups & blocked investigations intended to unmask people in high places...

More and more information comes out revealing allegations of child abuse cover-ups with blocked investigations that were intended to unmask people in high places. We've been made aware that these people in high places allegedly range from senior politicians to royalty and pop stars.

There was the case of a surveillance operation on the late and former UK Home Secretary Leon Brittan. According to an ex-police officer in the mid-80's photographs had been taken of him in an uncompromising situation with young boys:

The day before the police were to raid the London building where the alleged child abuse occurred that included Brittan and other prominent figures as suspects from an investigation called 'Operation Orchid' orders were given to pull the plug.

There have been a number of times where this has happened in other places. For instance, another police operation targeting Dolphin square London frequented by prominent people for child abuse was suddenly ordered to stop. Later, the related files went missing.

There have also been cases where paedophiles were arrested and eventually convicted but a number of people in high places connected had NO action taken against them. Examples of this include the late and former MP Cyril Smith. He was detained more than 7 times for questioning over allegations of child abuse on and off for 30 years but was released and free to go without further enquiries each time.

A royal had been questioned as a suspected paedophile but the investigating officers were told to close the enquiry on account that detaining the suspect and the implications if revealed would be a threat to the stability of national security. Then you have the Dickens Dossier containing some 114 files documenting abuse that got lost...

In light of the above not so long ago the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) began looking into the metropolitan over a number of alleged cover-ups. To get some idea of the magnitude the IPCC will be looking into alleged historic child abuse covering 40 years, investigating allegations of evidence suppression, preventing or stopping investigations and cover-ups involving police officers and MP's...

Daily Mail information states that this involves questioning 4 MP's currently serving and a member of the royal family in connection with the child abuses cases. They have not been named publically. A number of victims have come forward to help with the enquiry.

Not so long ago New Zealand judge Justice Lowell Goddard was chosen by Home Secretary Theresa May to take on the job of heading an enquiry into alleged child abuse. The judge will find out whether or not certain public institutions did their rightful duty to protect children... Meanwhile, IPCC deputy chairman Sarah Green has assured us that the investigations are going to be thorough and robust.

-Some people may disagree. Some might say that this will be a first time that the investigations are going to be thorough and robust. That previous enquiries have been watered down by choosing inappropriate people to conduct enquiries such as Baroness Butler-Sloss over the Dickens Dossier: It had been found out that her brother the late Michael Havers a known paedophile was her brother who was central to the investigation, so she left the investigation because of possible bias... which has led to stalling the enquiry... Then there's the revealing of only those who are dead like Jimmy Savile and Liam Britten. What about those active and still abusing..? Where is the sense of urgency to remove these offenders to stop them from abusing again? Do the establishment's members take care of their own people regardless, having a hand in allowing the guilty to get away with it?

-However, what if these political and royal paedophilia investigations turn out to be an expose revealing major scandals? If so, will this be enough to bring the establishment house of cards down? Certain individuals such as those in the media need to stand up and fight against the awful child abuse...

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