Practical Tips for Reducing Stress With Your Autistic Child

Any child can bring your stress. Your autistic child will do the same. There are practical tips that can reduce stress with your child who has autism. In the world of today, stress seems to be at the top of the list. How do you reduce the stress of the world, in addition, with your autistic child that is adding stress?

I have learned with a child that has the disorder of autism, the source of stress is not really circumstances, situations and difficulties or the development of autism.

There are several practical tips and ideas that may give you some insight on how to reduce stress with your child who has the disorder of autism. Here are a few examples:

==> Have the proper attitude. You have choices. Do not get upset with the challenges that you can do nothing about.

==> Do not get upset, angry, confused with your child or yourself, if you have developed a plan, and it is not going to work out as planned. Choose to be creative, and make another plan. Learn to go with the flow.

==> If your child with autism or another family member does not respond to the way you think they should, or the way you would like them to, you can choose to try to change them, hate them, resent them, be offended or be angry. On the other hand, you have the option to choose to let it go, and realize it is not worth it to try to change people to the way you want them to be. Try to see joy in these challenges. By taking this step, you will reduce stress with your child and you.

==> One thing I have learned, is, I will not not allow myself to be over committed. Do you have too much to do? Maybe you need to say the word no more often. You want to be sure your heart is saying no, and your mouth is not saying yes. I have experienced, by trying to keep other people happy can make you and your autistic child unhappy, and create more stress.

==> Stress can be reduced with your autistic child by not thinking and talking about your problems. So it is best to stop that kind of a habit. When you are thinking of an upsetting event, it will trigger the alarm of stress. It will not reduce it. Therefore, train yourself so the alarm will not trigger stress with your autistic child.

==> Do not burnout. Burnout comes from physical and emotional exhaustion, especially from long-term stress, that can come from raising your autistic child with the many challenges that are required.

==> It is imperative for you to know that stress depletes you, your body and immune system. It makes you become weak. Sickness and even depression can set in. It is not beneficial for your child or you to get burnout, nor is it practical.

==> Remember, burnout causes you to be "out of control", and you will not be productive for your child with the disorder of autism or yourself.

These are some of the practical tips to reduce stress with you and your child. Enjoy your child, try not to let all of the small things that are really not important to take control of you. This is the way to reduce stress that is practical for you and your child who has autism.

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