Preventing Roaches From Infesting Your Home

Roaches are often on a never-ending quest for food, warmth and water. If you spot a roach in your house, there is a chance there many more hiding in the dark corners of your house. Your home is the ideal habitat for roaches and if you allow them to get it, they will in large numbers. A good roach prevention plan goes something like:

Roach prevention outside the home

Since roaches come from the outside into your home looking for food, you need to reduce their outside hiding places as much as possible:

Fill empty tree holes with cement to prevent them from nesting inside

Clear out all the thick and dead vegetation outside your home where roaches like to live outdoors

Do not allow shrubs and trees to be in direct contact with the outside walls of your home. There should be at least a one-foot distance between vegetation and firewood and the walls.

Seal all the cracks in your doors and windows

Seal or use screens in the areas where utility lines, drainage pipes and sewer vents enter your home as this are some of the roaches' entry routes

Seal any other gaps around your windows or doors that could be easy entry points for the roaches

Roach prevention in the kitchen

This is where most of the food is stored and often where most of the roaches like to stay. If you starve them out, they will have no reason to keep on. So:

Repair damaged drawers and cabinets immediately to prevent roaches from hiding there

Avoid leaving any food uncovered or unattended in the kitchen for more than a couple of minutes. All food should be kept in well-sealed containers.

Clean the base boards under your stove regularly, as this is a warm and safe hiding place for the roaches. Swipe these areas regularly to get rid of any food crumbs or liquids.

Since roaches are also looking for water, avoid standing water from leaking sinks.

Roaches are also attracted to the warm areas on top and under your fridge so clean these regularly

Use a trashcan with a closeable lid and do not let trash remain around the house overnight.

Roach prevention in the bathroom

Roaches can sometimes get in your bathroom as well.

Air-dry your wet towels by hanging them on a rack instead of leaving them inside the drawers and cabinets as this attracts roaches.

Inspect the areas under your sink and behind the toilet for any leaks or standing water that could attract the roaches as well. Seal any cracks in the tiles immediately.

Roach prevention in the living room

If you use a fireplace, avoid keeping the firewood in the house when not in use. Inspect any firewood for insects before you take it into the house. Make sure to sweep up any food crumbs around the sofas and chairs. Regular vacuuming also helps pick up the fine food particles. Check your electronics regularly as these are also warm places where roaches like to hide.

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