Private Jet Charter - It's All About Convenience

Ask any regular flier to name a preferred mode of travel and chances are very likely that private jet charter will be among the top responses. Private jet charter, which is simply the rental of any entire aircraft (as opposed to paying for one seat on a commercial jet), is becoming more and more popular with clients in all sorts of travel situations from corporate travelers to those flying for family reunions or vacations Although charter tends to be substantially more expensive than flying commercial airlines, those who do so regularly cite a veritable litany of advantages.

Private Jet Charter - Add Ons and Options

Some of these include the many add ons and additional options available with private jet charter. Who wouldn't appreciate a fully catered, four-course meal at 30,000 feet complete with champagne from a stocked bar? Larger planes and jetliners often include entertainment and sound systems so that passengers can enjoy music, movies, and video games while flying. Another perk with a charter flight is that it is easy to bundle and coordinate with hotel reservations, taxis, limo, or car rental for the traveler's convenience especially when the flight is booked through a professional private jet charter broker.

Private Jet Charter: Ready and Waiting For Your Trip

The biggest benefit to private jet charter, however, is the convenience for the client, which begins with the booking process itself. Flights can be chartered in mere minutes with basic information such as departure, destination, travel dates, number of passengers, and any "extras"such as those described in the preceding paragraph. The fact that the charter can be ready to go in a matter of hours is another plus - the flight is built around the schedule of the client rather than an airline. The convenience also extends to the speedy and very streamlined check in process for ticketing and bags. One of the biggest customer complaints in major airports is the waiting at security checkpoints, which is much faster (although still thorough) with private planes. The jets themselves are subjected to the same maintenance and safety standards as their commercial cousins, and the same goes for the flight personnel.

Private jet charter can be an excellent option for groups such as large offices and sports teams. Booking, especially for the first time, is best done through a charter broker - an experienced professional who is trained to handle the entire process and can find the best flight for the best value. Jetset Charter is one of the most celebrated charter brokers in the country, and has been helping fliers find the perfect private jet charter for any situation for years. For more information or to get a quote for a flight, please call (866)570-5387 or visit

Angela Bell is an independent writer who writes articles on the subject of air charter, and has been writing for Jetset Charter ( for two years.

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