Professional Career Paths Following CompTIA Certification

Earning your CompTIA certification means you have taken a giant step toward becoming a well-respected member of the IT community! This certification will allow you to decide, on your own terms, where your new career will take you. However, there are some things to consider. For example, if you live near a large city the competition in this field is fierce by anyone's standards. In addition, IT graduates enter the workforce almost daily. Do not let that fact deter you. Beginning with your A+ certification, you will have a real advantage over others competing against you for the same work. This also provides a solid foundation from which to begin building your portfolio of additional certifications.

As you may know, computer repair and technical support are high paying careers that require A+ certification. Listed below are just a few of these careers.

- Field Service Technician

- Help Desk Representative

- Customer Service

- PC Technician

- Computer manufacturing with companies such as DELL, HP, and IBM, just to name a few.

The list above is a sampling of the various career positions available after receiving your CompTIA certification. In fact, the opportunities for advancement continually increase as you gain more experience. This applies also to related and specialized fields that are just as satisfying and lucrative. Some of these are:

-computer forensics - analyzing data from data breaches, identify theft, etc.

-disaster prevention and data recovery - preventing data loss by implementing steps to protect and backup data, as well as data recovery

-instructing client's IT departments in the above areas

-instructing corporate users in the safe and correct use of software

-database management

In addition to the above fields, other areas of specialization also exist. If your interests lie in the physical makeup of computers, perhaps a career in computer hardware is appropriate. This path encompasses relatively basic computer repair that evolves into much more advanced areas up to and including very high-end computer workstations and large server farms.

Advancing from hardware to say, network maintenance, requires more knowledge and subsequently more accreditations. An appropriate next step might be to study and sit for the Network+ exam. Attaining this level of expertise qualifies you to install networks, provide support for corporate clients, and maintaining and occasionally managing the corporate desktop.

If your IT goals involve learning about network administration responsibilities, your Network+ certification also qualifies you to perform network support, managing and configuring corporate routers as well as managing end-user accounts. An even loftier goal within the IT field is attaining the level of experience required to design and manage a company's Internet presence and Intranet.

The IT field is exciting and growing as the need for talented individuals to work in this field increases year over year. A great first step in beginning this career is earning your A+ certification. Not only will this first accreditation launch your new career, it will open new avenues that could lead you to other areas of greater interest within the IT field. Earning many accreditations during your career will help you advance and will solidify your place within the IT community. Each certification you earn demonstrates your high level of dedication and commitment to your career. This translates into mutual respect among your peers and in the professional community as well.

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