Proper Auto Glass Cleaning and Maintenance Practices

Safe driving also depends greatly on clean and clear windshields. Your car windows take a beating from hailstones, heavy rains, abrasive wind, dirt, bird droppings, bugs and other debris. With a few cleaning and maintenance practices, you can keep your car windows looking great for longer.

Chose the right glass cleaning products

Cleaning your windows with regular soap when washing your car is not enough to keep your windows looking crystal clean. You need to find an auto glass cleaner that can handle the job well. Avoid toxic cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia, as there are health risks if you inhale the fumes. There are many eco friendly glass-cleaning products available in the market that you can use to clean your car windows. Ammonia products also damage window tint.

Using the wrong cleaning towel can leave the window surface with tiny scratches making it look dull and translucent even. For better glass clarity, you need to choose microfiber towels that have at least 300 GSM. These towels are lint free, hold a lot of water and will not dull the glass. They also have an electrostatic charge that lifts dirt and debris off the glass surface instead of dragging it across. Dump out the old t-shirts, towels and socks because they will only leave streaks.

Cleaning technique

Your cleaning technique is also important to getting that sleek professional finish when cleaning your windows.

· Your windows should be the last thing to clean when washing your car so you don't contaminate them with the detailing process · You should spray the glass cleaner on the microfiber towel instead of directly on the glass to avoid stray sprays. · Rubbing the glass in circular motion may seem like a good idea but to clean the glass effectively, you should use a back and forth motion then up and down to clean the entire surface without leaving any streaks. · Roll down the windows halfway to clean the top edge of the glass. · Use one towel to apply the glass cleaner and another dry towel to wipe and buff the glass.

Window cleaning weather

You should avoid cleaning you windows when it is very hot or in direct sunlight. Window cleaners evaporate easily and soapy water can leave stains and streaks on the window surface. Clean your car under a shade or in the garage if it is spacious enough when it is hot outside.


Dirty wipers will cause blurry areas on your windshield. Remember to clean the wipers too, otherwise the whole window cleaning effort will be futile. You can use vinegar to remove any dirt and debris stuck on the wiper blades so they can have full contact with the windshield when wiping. If you clean your wipers and they still cannot make full contact with the glass, you should consider replacing them. You should also keep the wiper cowl free of dirt and grime as this is where the wipers collect most of the dirt and debris.

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