Proper Handling Of Cable Drums

A cable drum is a round reel commonly used for cable storage. It is drum-like in shape. Transport of any wire-like industrial cables such as electrical, fibre optic and other wire materials are made easier by using this. This will help ensure wires and cables are not lose or entangled, avoid damages in the process and keep cables properly stored until the time of use. Here are some tips on the proper handling of cable drums.

1. The cable drum should always be kept in an upright position.

Cable drums are designed to be kept and stored on its upright, wheel-like position. Handling or moving the drum lying flat may cause it to break, as it may not be able to sustain the cable or wire's weight. It is also much easier to lay the cables or wires with the drum upright.

2. Lift with extra caution.

When lifting the drum, taking extra caution is most appropriate. A shaft, properly attached to its centre and through a spreader beam allows lifting with cautionary care. Never allow the drum to make contact with other hard objects when lifting. This may cause damage to it. Same as when lifting, lowering the cable drum to the ground may need extra care. Lowering it with such heavy force may cause damage as it may not sustain force caused by heavy impact. Lifting and lowering a well-balanced drum is always best to avoid further damages to your cables and the drum itself. If shaft and spreader beam are not in hand when lifting the drum, make sure to use a rope strong enough to lift the cable drum's weight. A rope, properly attached to a pulley and enough manpower can lift the drum manually.

3. Always follow the arrow when rolling

Rolling the drum way against the arrow may cause the cables or wires to loosen and get entangled. In situation where drum needs to be rolled, always do it going into the direction of the arrows. Remember that rolling the drum more than a length of 5 meters can cause damage to the cables and wires.

4. Avoid excessive force when punching nails

In situations where punching nails to the drum itself for any reason cannot be avoided, taking extra caution is a must as excessive force may cause it to break.

5. Store the drum properly

Carelessly storing the drum may cause it to roll by itself because of its round wheel shape and it is of course designed to roll easily. Secure the drum when in storage. An improvised stopper will do.

6. Avoid stacking Warehouse style stacking of cable drums is not advisable.

7. Transport with caution

When transporting cable drums, make sure it is firmly fastened to avoid extra movements during transport. Do this using ropes or wires.

8. Store in a dry, spacious place

When storing the drums, always leave extra space in-between drums for the purpose of extra air circulation. Storing for a longer period of time, checking it every once in a while is advisable. Always store it in a dry, cool place.

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