Proper Maintenance and Care For Medical Equipment Part Two

In this installment on the maintenance and care of medical equipment we will consider aspects within medical equipment care and maintenance including: contracting medical technicians, in house maintenance and basic & extended warranties. It is crucial that facilities protect their investments especially when it comes to expensive medical equipment that is not easily replaced. Medical facilities rely on medical equipment to be dependable and in proper working order. Each piece of medical equipment is responsible for providing an accurate diagnosis. Each technician is accountable for keeping the equipment software up to date, the equipment running properly and keeping patient care at the highest level possible.

In our last installment we discussed why both proper usage and following manufacturer's use and maintenance guidelines were crucial to increasing the longevity of medical equipment. In this installment we will further discuss ways to properly maintain and care for costly new and refurbished medical equipment.

In House Maintenance

Technicians operating medical equipment are not only trained in how to properly use the machine but also on how to perform regular, basic maintenance. There are certain maintenance tasks that will not be able to be performed by the equipment operator. However, in most situations basic upkeep is possible. This will allow for immediate response if the medical equipment has a failure thus reducing downtime and interruptions in patient care. It is important to be aware of the operator's capabilities and to know when to bring in professional help.

Comprehending Equipment Warranties

Proper care and maintenance of medical equipment will allow it to run properly for an extended period of time. Problems can still occur and when that happens it is important to have an understanding of the products warranty. Failure on the facilities part to follow the recommendations of the manufacturer could void the warranty. This is why it is so important to thoroughly read and review equipment procedures and keep software regularly updated.

Hiring Professional Medical Equipment Technicians

In order to increase the longevity of the equipment in your medical facility it is vital for it to be regularly serviced by professional technicians. As with any large piece of equipment be it in your home or business regular inspections, cleanings and maintenance are required yearly to keep functions running smoothly. Service is offered in several different manners. Your medical facility could have a scheduled contract with service specialists, hire third party of vendors on an as needed basis or rely on remote assistance.

The most important element that should be taken from these installments is that with regular care and maintenance provided by in house trained equipment operators and hired professional's the longevity of medical equipment will increase.

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