Puppy Training: Control Your Puppy from Digging - Part 1

Puppies follow their natural instincts and dig for many reasons. However, there are also other problems that are brought to light by the digging, namely behavioral issues or trauma. Puppy training to control your pet from digging requires your attention and patience. You should not stop the puppy from digging as it is their method of releasing tension however you may train them to control digging if they are inside the house.

What are the most common reasons that puppies dig?

- Looking for prey;

- To hide food;

- Nesting purposes especially if your puppy is pregnant;

- They want the soil to cool them off specifically if it is too hot;

- Attempting to escape;

- Bored;

When you know the specific reason for the digging, it is easier to conduct puppy training with training aids to solve this issue. You also need to focus on their behavioral pattern such as what time does your puppy starts digging; where they dig; when it stops and other details. Your puppy's behavior will be easy to correct however you need to be persistent and patient at all times.

If your puppy is transforming your carpet into a jumble of uneven and worn-out wool then you might be interested in the following puppy training steps:

If your puppy is digging because it is bored then you need to spend with it and enjoy some fun activities. There are many games that you could play that will take away your puppy's boredom such as catching, fetching, walking, running and playing. Playing can be more fun if your puppy undergone basic puppy training like sit, roll and a few others. Activities help keep your puppy happy and active, physically and mentally and this can reduce or even eliminate the daily boredom thus its digging will be controlled.

When puppies get hot, their instinct is to cool down their body with dirt as dirt or soil is cold. Puppy digs and creates a hole in the earth so that they can release their body heat in the cold soil. If they are digging inside your home and tearing off your carpet then you might want to walk your puppy or let it stay at the backyard for a while. Make sure that your puppy has plenty of cool, clean water and a shady area to protect it from the heat. The assertive calm puppy training technique should be implemented, let the puppy stay in that particular area in the backyard and it can do anything it wants to do, exempt of course, digging.

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