Puppy Training: How to Control Your Puppy from Digging - Part 2

This is the second part of Puppy training: How to Control Your Puppy from Digging. We already stated the solutions for digging when the puppy is bored or attempting to cool itself. There are many reasons why puppies dig and each reason has its own solution.

What are the most common reasons that puppies dig?

1. Looking for prey;

2. To hide food;

3. Attempt to escape;

4. Your puppy may be searching for food or prey if it digs with large amounts of vigor. Here are some signs:

- Digging behavior only apparent in certain areas;

- Digs at the roots of trees or shrubs;

- Behavior displayed within a path boundaries.

- You may need to eliminate or eradicate the rodents or insects in your area so that you can control your puppy in regards to its digging habit. Search for signs of rodents then use safe, humane methods to catch them or fence them out. Do not use any chemicals or pesticides that may be toxic as your puppy and family can also be affected.

If your puppy is hiding food or its bones under the soil, then you may need to find the specific area that its bones are hidden. You can remove the items and discourage your puppy from hiding them such as making sure that the puppy cannot get inside the house if it has not finished with the bone, treat or toy yet. If your puppy stays outside of the house, you can direct your puppy by being assertive and calm approach to stop the digging behavior.

Sometimes puppy want to escape to get something or to go somewhere and you will know that it is digging to escape when the puppy digs near or under the nearby fence line.

Keep your puppy inside your fence by using chicken wire to build the base of the fence. Make sure that you cut the sharp edges or roll it away from your yard. Then, partially bury large rocks in line at the bottom of the fence.

If you already know the reason why your puppy keeps on digging, then you may use these tips to control it. Remember to monitor your puppy always so that you can stop it from starting the digging habit again inside the home. As long as you keep your puppy busy and give it things to do such as exercising together, playing and puppy training, you can significantly reduce the chance of digging and rectify this destructive behavior.

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