Puppy Training: Train Your Puppy Play Frisbee

Puppy training in playing Frisbee might be quite exhausting so make sure to bring enough water for you and your pet. However, it is definitely rewarding when you successfully train your puppy to play the game. Training your puppy to play Frisbee can be fun and rewarding. It is a great way to bond with your puppy and exercise at the same time. Not all puppies may love Frisbee because some have difficulty picking it up due to their small size. If you are looking for way to spend time with your pet, then train your puppy to play Frisbee.

When you are training your puppy to play Frisbee, choose a Frisbee that is soft and flexible. This way, your puppy will not be hurt when it tries to catch the Frisbee aggressively. One way to introduce the game to your pet is to put food in the Frisbee, once your puppy has had a few meals out of the Frisbee, they will be completely comfortable around it.

Here are simple tips on training your puppy to play Frisbee:

1. You may need to sit on the floor to encourage your pet to play catch with the Frisbee. If your puppy bites it and plays with it then it is a good sign that it is interested in the game. Try to run with the Frisbee and let him chase you and get it from you. Once they get it, it is normal that it won't give it back to you. Keep playing with your puppy as you are already starting the puppy training process which is the introduction and encouragement to play the game.

2. When you are at the park, play Frisbee with another person and your puppy will be running back and forth like it wants to join the game. Include your puppy like missing the Frisbee allowing your puppy to get the Frisbee.

3. In puppy training to play Frisbee, try to hold the Frisbee in front of your puppy at nose level and command your puppy to get it and bring it back to you.

4. In training you puppy to catch a flying disk, you may hold the Frisbee above your puppy's head then bring it up and down to your puppy's level. Do this a few times so that your puppy will get the idea that the Frisbee should be caught when it is within its range.

5. When you want to train your puppy to catch in short throws, you need to encourage it to catch the Frisbee in the air.

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