Race With Angry Bird

When Angry Bird car racing game - Angry Bird Race was released, it raised eyebrows with 2 reasons. The challenges are created adventurously. Players are difficult to control the bird over rough terrains. The second reason is to attract a large number of young people to love it. That is a big success the creator - Rovio gained. Are you interested in why gamers like it? Which of its parts are they attracted to? Let's explore now!

Fun Car Racing Races With Angry Bird
The game contains a downhill race without driving a car around the track as you did. Players will control their bird to race against many other competitors. The race will start on the top of the hill and reach the finish line at the bottom. Look, the graphics are so beautiful and look great. Besides, the racing action is also pretty cool. Both of them make your race more interesting. Along the way, the bird can enjoy the beauty of nature. Surprisingly, it is able to pick up sparkling gems for extra money.

Before beginning racing, the players get to select their favorite car for their bird. Each has a different attribute. No matter which car they choose, they can upgrade it after a level. Speed, handling, strength, and acceleration are necessary to be upgraded if they want to win the race. In addition to fixing the car, they can also change their angry bird. They start their game with the red one, but as completing the tracks, they freely pick the other ones owning special abilities. Wow! It is awesome!

Why Young People Love Angry Bird Race?
If you have ever enjoyed Mario Kart, Pokemon, and other car-racing games, you realize how different Angry Bird Race is from them. It is fair to admit that the power-up system is simpler. Each angry bird has a unique and single ability to trigger a set number of racing times during competitions rather than gathering different ones on the track. Impressively, the angry bird and its car can jump and do front and back flips.

On the other hand, the handling is so fabulous with an option of touching and tilting (smartphones & iPad). Actually, tilting is more fun, and touching is greater in controlling the car. Angry bird can fly in the air and smash into one another so well. That makes kids love the game more.

To sum up, Angry Bird Race is a fun car-racing game. With plenty of great upgrades and challenges during the tracks, the kids' minds are blown up. The growing number of young people spends their gaming time with this game rather than others. It raised eyebrows for positive with no negative reasons.

Angry Bird Race is here: http://flyingbirdgames.com/view/79/angry-birds-race.html. Come and enjoy it.

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