RDX Cartridge - Efficient, Reliable Data Storage

Data storage is critical for any business enterprise to successfully carry out its day to day activities. There are different ways in which you can back up your data depending on the unique circumstances of your business.

You may have a business which has branches that are located in very remote areas where information technology might be limited. You may also require a method that allows you to store large amounts of data. All your data storage needs will be effectively addressed by the use of the RDX cartridge.

About RDX

RDX (Removable Disk Technology) is a method for backup and recovery of data that uses a disk. This is a backup system that is portable and allows easy transportation of large volumes of data to a safe site. It comprises high security of data and it has a rugged design which allows it to be suitable for use in harsh conditions.

RDX comprises of a 2.5 inch SATA disk which is mobile or SSD drive that has been attached to the RDX cartridge which is removable. The RDX is plugged to a dock which contains data connectivity and power. The drive is found inside the media cartridge which means that future generations of the RDX cartridge will be able to use the same dock.


The RDX backup system was created in order to replace the tape technology backup system. It has been adopted by a number of organizations including Hewlett Packard (HP) and International Business Machines (IBM). The 3 TB RDX cartridge has a capacity of 3 TB when the data is not compressed and a capacity of 6 TB when the data is compressed.

The 2 TB RDX cartridge has a capacity of 2 TB for data that is not compressed and 4 TB for compressed data. The 1.5 TB cartridge has a capacity of 1.5 TB for data that is not compressed and 3 TB for compressed data, while the 1 TB cartridge has a capacity of 1 TB for uncompressed and 2 TB for compressed data. The RDX cartridge also has capacities of 500 GB and 320 GB.


The RDX cartridge has been created in a way that is suitable for much movement. It will not suffer any damage even when it experiences a drop of one meter. The RDX cartridge has a shelf life of thirty years and its high capacity allows you to use the cartridge for months on end. The cartridge enables you to save large amounts of data in a very short time.

You can also recover the data at very high speeds of up to 360 GB/hr. You can plug in the RDX cartridge anywhere and this ensures that your data is always available when you need it. The cartridge is resistant to shock, and it has buffers which are in built that protect the disk drive from random vibration. This helps in enhancing the performance of the read and write action of the cartridge.

If you need to increase the capacity of the RDX system, all you need to do is to add more cartridges when you are backing up data. This means that you have unlimited space without having to increase the storage hardware.

Richard Stutchbury has a deep understanding of the various data storage requirements that corporate organizations and individuals have. Drawing from his long-term experience at Stutch Data, Richard has enabled many organizations get the most suitable data storage systems. Call us now to know more tips and ideas about RDX (Removable Disk Technology).

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