RDX Disk - What You Should Know

Backing up data is a critical aspect of any business as it ensures continuity and enables your customers to trust you since you are reliable. Business information takes a long time to build up but can be wiped out within seconds.

There are many risks that your data is exposed to including human error whereby a person accidentally deletes important files. Files can get corrupted by a virus making them inaccessible or they can be destroyed by a fire or flood. It is therefore important to ensure that all your vital information is backed up so that you can easily recover it. An efficient method of backing up data is by the use of RDX disk.

About RDX

Removable Disk Technology (RDX) is a data backup solution which is based on disk which offers fast recovery of data and provides much needed security layers. The technology comprises of a 2.5" SATA disk or SSD drive which is connected to a removable cartridge which resembles an LTO tape. The RDX cartridge is plugged into a dock in order to get data connectivity and power. The RDX drive is found within the cartridge which allows the following generations of RDX cartridges to use the same dock. This means that when a user needs to use a new generation of RDX media, there will be no need to buy new hardware.

RDX Features

RDX cartridges are made with protection from electrostatic discharge and can resist haphazard vibration and shock. If the cartridge falls a distance of one meter on hard concrete, it will not be damaged. The cartridges have a shelf life of thirty years. The RDX docks work like disk drives and can stream up to 200 MB/s of data. This speed will depend on the connectivity and the type of drive that is being used. The RDX disk drive media have capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB. The capacities of the SSDs are between 64 GB to 512 GB.


The RDX hardware has a read only feature which ensures that data cannot be erased by accident. The hard drive of the RDX which resembles a cartridge has a survival rate of 97 percent when dropped. You can quickly recover your data from a RDX disk while the backup rate when transferring data from one disk to another can reach speeds of up to 360 GB/hr.

You do not need to get stressed up about the space on the RDX disk not being enough. All you need to do when you need more space is to add the cartridges whenever you have to backup a lot of data. Vibration on the RDX disk drive is reduced due to inbuilt buffers and this enhances the performance of the read/write function of the disk.

RDX Drives

RDX can be used in a frame which has several docks, whereby each RDX drive can be used as a single disk. You can get RDX drives as an external or internal SATA connected drive or a USB connected drive for servers. RDX drives which have a high capacity can be used to move data from a fixed disk to an RDX tier automatically. RDX also has encryption and write once read many capabilities allowing sensitive information to be stored.

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